Interview of Sri S Gurumurthy on Gadkari issue – Headlines Today video

Published on Nov 7, 2012 by MataramVande
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We live in bad times! Times(now) when the main stream media which is supposed to act like the fourth pillar of democracy has turned out to be a rotten wooden pillar infested with CONgress termites. After Mega Scams like 2G, CWG, CoalGate, Antrix-Devas, Adarsh, Thorium Scam, by the ruling CONg UPA govt, the media unfortunately is busy doing a hit job on the opposition party President, Sri Nitin Gadkari.
Even after Sri Nitin Gadkari has personally provided interviews to all media outlets, many undeserving ones as well, they still are baiting for his resignation.
Honest question to Indian Media, when was the last time you got tough and asked tough questions to folks in 10JP in an interview?!
In this interview Sri S Gurumurthy again categorically rubbishes any wrong doing by Sri Nitin Gadkari.
To quote Sri S Gurumurthy “previously media houses will check before relaying , but now herd mentality has crept-in, in the last 10 years”

Vande Mataram!

Given below are the list of tweets Sri S Gurumurthy had sent defending Sri Nitin Gadkari:
1. Re Gadkari I examined legal & moral aspect. The 14 questioned cos belong Nagpur group that invested in Purti in 2004 and told IT dept

2. Media lacks skill and more patience to study issues. Allegations are sufficient without study and proof. Media shy businessmen don’t talk

3. I have proof that the 14 companies belong to the Nagpur group. They have owned it since 2003. They met me and showed their record to me

4. So they did not own the 14 cos today. In that case I would have thought it was only a legal defense for Nitin. Not be morally cleared.

5. The Nagpur group has in writing to financial institutions owned the 14 co as theirs in 2003-4. So they are not obliging Nitin now so saying

6. So I am convinced that Nitin has legally nothing to do with the 14 questioned cos. Morally he is clear becos Nagpur has owned them in 2003/4

7. Nagpur group is a reputed group of jain family with 2000 cr asset base Not a marginal player. Manages 15k worth jain charities.

8. The only daughter of the family is a Jain Sadwi. It runs deaf and dumb schools and jain vicar dham every 15 kms from Nagpur — Durg0 — Hyd roads

9. They are media shy. So don’t want to be in media light. I have met them, interrogated them and ascertained the truth.

10. I have done in Nitin’s case what i would have done in any case I write one.(Sic) i will never write any business matters unless i verify facts

11. The media is in the grip of competitive sensationalizing. This is not investigative journalism. Shouting screaming abusing is not debate

12. I have verified that the Nagpur group has no political connection. No government contract. But they are worried about media exposure Rightly

13. Their media shyness has been taken advantage by the media. Nitin is not even aware of how they have arranged to keep their investments.

14. That’s why Nitin said first that he does not know how wherefrom investors in his co invest. This shocked me first. Now reaise now its true. (sic)

15. About astrologer, driver etc that the main investors ask for nominees from management which suggests names

16. About the driver, he was driver decades ago. Now a supervisor. Media has made him a driver.


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One Response to Interview of Sri S Gurumurthy on Gadkari issue – Headlines Today video

  1. Raman says:

    Gurumurthy undoubtedly a great personality who exposed many scams of Congress and has given enough proof of the innocence of Nitin Gadkari.He is Chareterd and has a great resposnsibilty if he speaks on the accounts of Purthy, company supposed to be owned by Gadkari and has made his stand clear.It is only media trial esp. the channel of that stupid Congress leach Goswami who wasted the time of his staff by sending them to many addresses to find out the facts and shouted,screamed that Times Now is the first channel to expose Gadkari as if he has climbed Everest.Cranky fellow running his show for the money he receives from Congress.As said by Guru the media trial has no validity in a Court and the Laws do not give media to find fault and gulity of a person. In that case there can be many charges levelled against the Times of India Group if one goes deeply.
    So Goswami need not take high moral ground as his group also not a saintly group.Since he has to be in th good books of Congress for money and other benefits for his channel and himself he takes the position of investigator,prosecutor and judge and want Gadkari to resign and shud not be given a second term.Who is he to advice BJP on this?Can he with the same yardstick sent his team to investiugate the cos of Vadra,Rahul?Has he got the guts to discuss the loot being made by Sonia,Chidambaram?No.Becoz he is a beneficiary from the corrupt Congress esp. apponted TN to attack BJP and claims he is a neutral channel.Funny.Anyway nobody with sense will see his channel and his shouting and posing qns for anything and everything but never answers if a qn is put to him on many matters.A stupid fellow.Rahul of Headlines has not put clever qns except what is already known becoz of his inexperience.Guru has rebutted everything solidly as he writes so many articles and without verifying the facts he won’t do the same.As it will affect him enormously.If Jethmalani has still something against Gadkari it may ge for some reasons as he seems to be more comfortable with Goswami.Has the Times Group appopinted him as their lefgal advisers?How many cases so far he has won in SC though he claims to be for Law.How many cases he fosited against Gandhi family,Chidambaram and other corrupt persons?He is defending many criminals convicted by even HCs and say it is his duty as a lawyer to protect his clients.Agreed.Did he not know the protected clients are the culprits?He is burying his conscience at those times and now for his own reasons may be to promote Modi attacks Gadkari and only Congress can be happy as well as the piad channels.If he does not want him let him quit BJP and fight his cases?Why he and his son are playing dirty politics in media?

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