Most partial Election Commission of India is an agent of the ruling Congress, Leaks Dr.Swamy’s letter


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2 Responses to Most partial Election Commission of India is an agent of the ruling Congress, Leaks Dr.Swamy’s letter

  1. Raman says:

    It is not strange that the EC can’t touch Congress or its top leaders as they are also the chamchas of Congress like the SC.Which vrdict of SC went against Chidambaram?Will even the SC judges have the guts to touch Congress,Sonia,Rahul, and even Vadra for that matter as they will simply shiver to touch any of them.Our democracy is only a hypocrisy where the justice system acts as the stooges of Congress.EC has failed even conducting fair elections in many states and even in LS elections as we have seen in many instances.So the leak of the mind of EC by leaking to the press is not a new thing.Afterall EC owes its position to Congress and how can they go against their masters?But taking decision without even hearing is bad that will not impose confidence in EC.There are lot of state electons and then LS elction are coming.What is the guarantee EC will act impartially?It is anamoly that the Constitutional Authortiies have become the stooges of Congress for a ransom or for posts after retirement.So the verdict of EC was anticipated even when Swamy was fiiling the petition that EC will find some way to hide behind some bogus arguments.That is how Indian democracy works.?Sheer stupidity to bank on these institutions.Nobody has the guts in any of the so called Constitutional Authorities.All humbug.

  2. time pass says:

    I see a close resemblance in many happenings & issues with International money Launderers that is House of Patels of Mumbai & elsewhere, who also in our case fabricated books & re writing Account statements which are different from Originals we have from them. They did it from Dubai, Cook Island & now in NZ. That they now say they gave a Loan to our Account, even without (00 NIL) paper work, no request or nothing. Nor the type of transaction had a scope for Loan at all. In fact the MD of the Wall Street Banking Corporation who was Riaz Asgar Patel, with his father Asgar Shakoor Patel its Chairman) himself had admitted the wrong doing in one of his communications and apologizing. Still they have manipulated the issue through a NZ Charted Accountant firm to cheat us for over a Million USA $. We have been told by their staff that these Patels are hand in gloves with some other Patel who is quite a popular guy with criminals in Delhi. Still today they have Trusts created outside India to park stolen wealth from various places. A NZ Web News paper has full details of this Patel group, which is astonishing, to note Indian Govt. seems not to know it. Is it possible?. It is now observed they might have even pocketed YAHOO news not to publish about them. Yahoo which is now 35% Chinese through Alibaba is vey eager to publish about Govt. of India, Good bad or Ugly but not about House of Patels!! This shows their International clout. I think many of these might have taken House of Patels as their Advisors & Consultants.

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