Congress or BJP, they need to answer corruption charges: RSS

‘If Kejriwal had some proof, he must present it’

Allegations of corruption, whether they are against leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party or the Congress require to be answered, Dattatreya Hosabale, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh joint general secretary, said on Friday.

Talking to journalists at suburban Kelambakkam, where the three-day all-India executive meet of the RSS began, he was responding to questions on allegations against BJP president Nitin Gadkari made by India Against Corruption’s Arvind Kejriwal and if the RSS would seek an explanation from him (Mr. Gadkari).

“The meet will not discuss any issues related to the BJP. As far as the RSS view is concerned, we have always been against corruption. Public morality is supreme. Mr. Gadkari is a swayamsevak himself and meets office-bearers of the RSS for discussions. As far as corruption is concerned, whether it is allegations of corruption or land acquisition by the Congress or the BJP, we have always been saying that due process should be followed and that allegations should be answered properly,” Mr. Hosabale said.

If Mr. Kejriwal had some proof, he had to present proper evidence and it was for the BJP and the Congress to answer the allegations, he said, adding that general secretary Mohan Bhagwat had already issued a statement in which he had made it clear that those who were found guilty should be punished according to the law and that stand continued.

“But why single our Mr. Gadkari? There are hundreds of others also and so we are not going to discuss this case wise or person wise,” Mr. Hosabale remarked.

On issues in Karnataka, he said even in the case of removal of B.S.Yeddyurappa as Chief Minister, the decision was made by the BJP national leadership as there were charges by the Lokayukta.


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One Response to Congress or BJP, they need to answer corruption charges: RSS

  1. time pass says:

    All these stories have very close similarities & contours of House of Patel’s the Mia bhai promoted company in Mumbai & else where & NZ. They too said the same thing to us saying they gave a loan to our Account to swindle 1 million USA $, engaging some NZ Charted Accountants by re writing books. The funny part is we never even asked for any
    loan in the first place nor they have papers for it & the type of agreement we had with them to trade did not warrant a loan at all in the first place. Saloman Smith Barney of NY USA as their prime brokers have probably colluded with them So i wonder weather political heads has House of Patel’s as their consultants/mentors to show them a easy escape & as we were hinted by their own staff the House of Patel’s headed by Asgar Shakoor Patel & his son Riaz Asgar Patel have powerful connections in Delhi. I wonder with who these Patel’s are connected with. But all these have a similarity. Floating Trusts in Tax havens & declaring it in Court of Justice Affidavits in Cook Island etc. Instead of going to Courts and recovering money, if we had really owe to them they engaged the services of some private phony Charted Accountant of NZ who was an EX Employee of SFO NZ. Patels have manipulate the issue to derive at a settlement out side Law for which we have never agreed till date., Can FBI of USA pl take up this corrupt Indians & NZ citizen since 2005 Mr. Riaz Asgar Patel, who are busy cheating world wide. They were caught and fined 1 Million $. In Australia for money Laundering, Wall Street Banking Corporation license has been revoked for anti banking activities. They have moved else where with thir funds & Bank in another TAX Haven. Surprisingly Patels say, Indian RBI & SEBI had given permission to them to open Banking business in Cook Island, is what they have declared in their literature which we have a copy. But now SEBI says they have no Jurisdiction to my Lawyer, how come. Strange India, Land of surprises.

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