Will accept mistake if my information is wrong: Modi

If the money was spent by the government there would be a paper trail.  If the govt is trying to reverse then also there could be some trail.  Let us see how this is going to unfold!



Junagadh/Jesar, October 02, 2012

Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi on Monday night offered to tender a public apology if his allegation that Rs. 1,880 crore was spent from state exchequer for Congress President Sonia Gandhi’s foreign trips is found to be false, hourse after he made the claim. “I had said this thing based on the report of a newspaper. If my information is wrong, today I say that I will publicly accept this mistake”, Modi said addressing a rally in Junagadh.

Earlier in the day, Modi, addressing a rally at Jesar, targeted the Congress President by claiming that Rs. 1880 crore has been spent from the public exchequer for her foreign trips.

Addressing the Jungadh rally, Modi said a response given by the government to an RTI application of a youth of Hisar in Haryana, published in a newspaper on July 12 this year, was the basis for his claim.

However, the youth Ramesh Sharma questioned the figures by Modi and said he had not received any reply to his RTI querry.

Speaking at Jesar, Modi said “to those Congress friends, who are accusing our government of uncontrolled expenditure, I want to ask: is it not true that on the foreign travels of the President of the Congress Party, Sonia Gandhi, in the past three years, Rs. 1,880 crore has been spent from the public exchequer”.

“This clearly means that more than the total yearly budget of Bhavnagar, Jamnagar, Junagadh and Rajkot Municipal Corporation combined has been spent only on the foreign trips of Sonia Gandhi and on her luxury hotel stays,” he added.

“I want to ask the Delhi Sultanate  what is the compulsion that they have to allow this uncontrolled spending of poor people of the country,” Modi told the rally as part of his month-long pre-assembly election tour of the state.

Sonia Gandhi will be launching Congress’ campaign for the state elections on Wednesday by addressing a rally of farmers in Rajkot. This will be her first visit to the poll-bound state.

Ramesh Sharma, the Right to Information (RTI) activist questioned Modi’s claim that Rs. 1880 crore were spent from state exchequer for UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi’ foreign trips.

“The figures Mr Modi has given today is Rs. 1800 crore. The government has not given any response to it. I never got any such information from the RTI I had filed. I have not got any figure of Rs. 1800 crore. I don’t know where Mr Modi is referring to it”, Verma said from Hisar.

“I can say that that I haven’t got any figure of Rs. 1800 crore because I haven’t received any information…”, he added.

He claimed he was never contacted by Modi.

Congress dismissed Modi’s charge as “falsehood” and said “it is regrettable that the Chief Minister of Gujarat has resorted to blatant lies which now stand exposed after the reavalations of the Hissar based RTI activist to divert the attention of the people of Gujarat from the real issues confronting the state.

“The reality is that the CM of Gujarat has no answer to the charges made by the MP’s of Gujarat in a representation to the CVC that Rs. 1 lakh crores have been plundered over the past 11 years in 17 different scams”, Tewari said.

“It gives ballast to the charge of the former CM Keshubhai Patel that the current CM is a liar with a capital L and that the entire myth of a vibrant Gujarat rests on the foundations of falsehood”, he charged.



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One Response to Will accept mistake if my information is wrong: Modi

  1. Raman says:

    The funny part is that Congress instead of giving the details of the foreign trips made by Sonia for whatever reasons have not come out giving the details of amount spent by the Govt on her trips.Two day debates in the tv channels did not evoke any response from Congress as to the amount spent on Sonia by Govt.RTI activist said that he made an application two years back but no response from the Govt except a portion of the money spent to the tune of abt 85 lakhs and added that the petition is still lying with the PMO without any answer.When a petition is admitted the Govt is bound to reveal the details within a reasonable time and why the Govt is holding this for more than 2 years is anybody’s guess.Sometimes the amount may even exceed what Modi has stated.So all the spokespersons of Congress don’t answer why there is a delay of more than 2 years for giving the details to the activist and no reply to him and why they are rebutting the amount of 1880 crores said by Modi from a paper report.It is strange that instead of answering this straight qusetion that idiot Manish Tiwari is saying there is a petition by MPs to the CVC that a lakh crore was looted during the past 11 years by Modi and asking Modi to face a court monitored probe.This is the usual ploy of Congress that if they are under attack they divert the attention to some non issues of what is happening in Gujerat and K’taka and this drama is going on for years.
    Instead of asking Modi to apologise which he said he will do if his figure is wrong why can’t the PMO reveal the details and then ask for apology if the figures are wrong.That shuld have been proper instead of attacking Modi for some other issues.The fact is actually the Govt has spent more than what is stated by Modi as the activist says he has filed the petition 2 years back and accepted and nothing is heard from the PMO.Then what abt her trips during 2011 and 2012 and how much that will come and how much Govt spent inmcluding her so called ‘undisclosed diseases’.It is well known that Sonia used to go on private jets and made her trips with family several times to meet her ailing mother and for many other things we don’t know.So the PMO chose silence is better the option as else they will have to face more embarassment.Sonia is very clever in this that she always make the foeign jaunts with family in a clandestine manner and sometimes even Rahul is also going in that way to different places for enjoyment.So there can be no answer for that from Congress as they are cornered.It is also strange that Tiwari drags Keshubhai Patel a rebel of Modi who started his own party and may join Congress probably after the elections.A rattled Congress facing sure defeat in Gujerat can certainly do all such types of tantrums and even use CBI in the coming days to book Modi.Absolure looters Congress acts as Saints with the most corrupt lady at the helm.

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