St. Amartya Sen, the Gunga Din of Harvard


St. Amartya Sen, the Gunga Din of Harvard

British government-funded Christian schools “are perfectly acceptable” but other faith schools “are a big mistake and should be scrapped if the Government wants to encourage a unifying British identity.” Who said it? Dinesh D’Souza? Bill O’Reilly? Rick Warren? Billy Graham? Glenn Beck? Nope, the India-born Nobel Prize winner in economics, Amartya Sen, who teaches at Harvard said it.

Sen continued to make another enlightening remark: “Christian schools have evolved and often provide a much more tolerant atmosphere than a purely religious school would.” Sen must surely believe that refusing to teach the theory of evolution, a common feature in American Christian schools, qualifies as tolerance. Or perhaps, the British Center for Science Education (BCSE) which has been systematically fighting Christian efforts to introduce creationism and Intelligent Design in schools must have been fighting an imaginary battle. The same must be the case with the journal Nature, which published an imaginary report on how “Anti-evolutionists raise their profile in Europe (November 2006).” Christians tolerate the teaching of evolution and any reports about Creation Museums to brainwash impressionable Christian children must be rejected as anti-Christian propaganda.

The thoughtful Sen added, “The new generation of faith schools is not going to be (tolerant).” Who can disagree? A Hindu school may ask the students to pray to Sarasvati, the Goddess of learning and arts, or begin the day with a dangerous dose of yöga and meditation. A Buddhist school might indulge in very similar intolerant practices. How can we allow the students to worship learning when they should be saying prayers to the jealous and tyrannical Sky God who declared learning as Original Sin as they do in British schools today?

Tolerance in Christian schools does not end with daily prayers. Since the prayers are said to the biblical God, impressionable children can go back home and consult the Bible to learn that the Jews killed Jesus on the cross and that all generations of Jews are cursed. This should hopefully make the children as tolerant as their Christian forefathers who persecuted the Jews for two millennia and incinerated them in the Christian Nazi gas chambers. One agrees with Sen that there is no way the “new generation of faith schools” will be able to achieve such results. Sen solemnly added, “I am a believer in the importance of British identity.” Well, the only identity the British have could be as the alter-ego of the imperial Americans but it is still very important – at least to the War Inc. Perhaps, Sen is nostalgic about the identity Britain once had as the colonial superpower. Congratulations Sen for supporting nationalistic jingoism!

What is so important about the British identity? Which British identity is it any way? Is it the one of the Britain which colonized many a nation, unleashed famine and killed millions of Indians, sold thousands into slavery, and finally turned itself into a lickspittle of Uncle Sam to wage more wars and to kill more innocent people? Or is it of the Britain that produced the highly rational Francis Bacon, T H Huxley, Charles Darwin, Richard Dawkins, or Stephen Hawking? If it is the latter, Sen better realize that such an identity is neither the product of nationalistic nonsense nor built in a Christian school.

Amartya Sen is a parasite who worships dominant and totalitarian power structures. He thrives by propagating unscientific nonsense such as collective choice and social welfare. Being a parasite Sen needs a powerful host, so after preaching socialistic nonsense, Sen marries none other than a Rothschild, prompting the thinking writer Arvind Kumar to label him Amartya Sen-Rothschild! Parasites profit from dominant power structures. So, it is no wonder that Amartya Sen-Rothschild recognizes the power of Christianity and totalitarian systems and sucks up to them.

The west does not fail to recognize a Gunga Din like Amartya Sen-Rothschild and grants him a Nobel Prize in economics. However, with his latest advocacy, he deserves nothing less than fast-track sainthood. Papa Benedict, are you listening? You require a miracle from Sen before conferring sainthood upon him no? I can draw your attention to one at least Papa. In India, an overwhelming majority of Christian schools and colleges require letters from parish priests to admit the faithful to their schools. Even when they are funded by the government they reserve 50 percent of the seats to converts. Yet Sen is blissfully unaware of it and thinks that Christian schools do not proselytize. Is that not a wonderful miracle Papa?


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8 Responses to St. Amartya Sen, the Gunga Din of Harvard

  1. arishsahani says:

    Hindus need to wake up and understand who are your enemy’s ( ISlam And Christians) .
    India will not exist in next few years if they keep behaving like fool..

  2. beegee says:

    one has to accept the reality , Christianity , apart from spreading their religion also ensure spread of EDUCATION which is vital for a nation’s growth. Other religions lagged behind and now catching up .

  3. doraiswaamy ganesh says:

    Dear Sir,Vivekanananda’s call to India to Arise and Awake is the need of the hour and minute to establish our ancient Dharmic way of life which in my humble opinion is the only solution.The time is not far off when these securalist’s along with their Indian counterparts will be impaled.Ganesh.

  4. hrr says:

    What this man tells? Christian faith schools preach that the universe rather the world was created in seven days and the theory of evolution is false. Should we accept. Who is speaking through him anyway?

  5. hrr says:

    Adding further to my comments……..
    1. MIk is bad and beef is good 2.vegetarian diet is poor in nutrition and non vegetarian is highly nutritious. 3. Rice eating is bad and cake/bread is very good. 3. Bengali is bad and English is good. 4. Hindu temples are useless and Churches are to be praised. 5. Meditation for peace is bad and exploding bombs is good. 6. 7.8………infinity. The people like Sen are the boot licking servants of the papacy.

  6. vaidya kesavaiyer says:

    I did not expect the author to be so acrimonious to recommend this parasite in sanyasin to spill that too by this III rated

    • prabhat says:

      There is something very wrong happening in our country. Why we always use such types of rascal to lead us. Almost after 1000+65 years of foreign dependece, Nalanda University is an attempt to revive our original culture, education system. And this government has chosen Amratya sen, one of the most fallen creature in the history of Bharat varsha to be its dean. These people are of sick mentality. Their education begins with the saying that, my father is a lunatic, my teachers are idiot, forefathers were useless. Simply for the little fame they can even sell their mother. I sincerely pray for their death. May god forgive me for this. Hare Krishna

      • ramamfere says:

        that is because we love sonia gandi and want to prostrate at amma’s feet across the country. we cannot think of a leader beyond rahul gandhi because we love to kneel before kings. at end of day after saying this, we will vote for our caste guy. so much of talking that we all do but when we go to vote, we vote for idiots only

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