Rahul Gandhi to marry Afghani Muslim convert to Christianity? Chapel at 10 Janpath? – Sunday Guardian

25 June, 2012

Rahul Gandhi to marry Afghani Muslim convert to Christianity?


The Sunday Guardian, 24th June, 2012

The Afghan expat community is a-twitter, with news that India’s Future PM Rahul Gandhi may be ”seriously involved” with a grand-daughter of the late Zahir Shah, the hereditary King of Afghanistan. The charming Afghan princess is even reported to be a converted Christian. Some informants speak of the pair “praying together on Sundays” in what these sources describe as a “home chapel” at the residence of Rahul’s mother. The two have reportedly been seen together in the Aman Hotel in Delhi, which is known to be a regular haunt of the Future PM, who spends hours there in the Fitness Centre, trying to develop biceps that can challenge those of Shah Rukh Khan and Robert Vadra. The young lady from the Afghan royal family is known to be very well brought up, with a gentle mien and a generous nature. Hence, Rahul’s buddies hope that this time around, the Future PM will not walk away from a lady friend (as he has on numerous occasions in the past) but will follow the example of Papa Rajiv when he married Mamma Sonia in 1965. The personable lady could emerge as a key asset for Rahul Gandhi as he seeks to win a fresh mandate for his battered party in 2014. She has undeniable appeal to the upwardly mobile youth vote.

Will Rahul Gandhi Ever Marry?

KAVEREE BAMZAI  | New Delhi, October 2, 2010 | 00:00 …

“There are whispers about him currently dating the grand-daughter of the late deposed king of Afghanistan Zahir Shah. She’s a jewellery designer whose mother is also Italian.”



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9 Responses to Rahul Gandhi to marry Afghani Muslim convert to Christianity? Chapel at 10 Janpath? – Sunday Guardian

  1. beegee says:

    super, the afghan italian connection…..

  2. Raman says:

    Instead of moving with girls of different varieties it is better for hiim if he sticks to one girl so that after 2014 he can run away to Afganistan and join the talibans
    making his mother and sister run to Italy.

  3. vaidya kesavaiyer says:

    what happened to his erstwhile combodian girl friend and her son purportedly brought up by the Bishop?

  4. shakiba says:

    rahul ji is now single and he is waiting for the right muslim girl to marry. becoz muslim girls are much more priety then any other girls

  5. londoneye says:

    belqis zahir–is her name she goes by BB–

  6. Hindu says:

    Loafer Soole maga Rahul

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