Press releases from Dr.Subramanian Swamy


March 30, 2012.

1. It is surprising that the Congress Party spokespersons constantly trot out the excuse of “sub-judice” for not commenting to media on matters pending in court, but now in a volte face, Ms.Sonia Gandhi told the media through the DMK MPs that the UPA government would oppose my Application in the Supreme Court in which I have asked for National Heritage Monument status for Rama Setu under the Ancient Monuments Act of 1958.

I condemn this gross interference of Ms. Sonia Gandhi in the ongoing judicial proceedings in the apex court, which has fixed April 19th as the next date of hearing, when Government has to make its position clear. Patriotic Indians should understand the sinister motive for this statement of her’s—given Ms.Sonia Gandhi’s ingrained anti-Hindu mission of supporting Christian foreign missionaries who want to debunk Hindu heritage to facilitate religious conversion.


March 30, 2012.

I demand an inquiry into the leak of General V.K.Singh’s letter on defence preparedness by a sitting judge of the Supreme Court, and not by the IB. This is because the IB Director and Lt General Tejinder Singh are “drinking partners” and socially intimate. Moreover the Lt General and the son Karthik of the the Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram, are business associates in purchases/ sale of and to the two Ministries. Hence the present proposal to hold an IB inquiry is vitiated by malafide and bias. The IB Director prima facie is ill disposed to the anti corruption activities of Gen V.K. Singh.



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7 Responses to Press releases from Dr.Subramanian Swamy

  1. Balram Misra says:

    Simply superb. All pro- India Indians must pray for his success in every field he touches.

  2. satyanarayana says:

    Why Mantanio Manio alaise Sonia Pseudo Gandhi , A chrstian lady, is in disguise of Hindu widow. since in christians there is no widow system. Had Rajiv hailed from a mediocre family instead of high profile family nearer to power, she would have married a no. of times , as do Europeans. Even First lady of USA Jacqueline Kennedy,wife of John F Kennedy, shamelessly married Onasis ,a richest person pretty old man for money. Sonia is lingering with this Hindu sentiment to grab the power.
    She being christian, trying hard to disseminate Hinduism and propagate Christianity.Extent is that if Chanting Ram’s name an Hindu is titled as communal but preaching s of Jesus publicly is praised as secular act.

  3. early bird says:

    . Dear Swamy Saab, I fully respect you as a master brain in this confused country,
    Ms. Sonia’s announcements are entirely of this world & politically based or oriented. She is fully aware Christ came to this world to foster the kingdom of God & not the Kingdom on Earth or Religion. I think at times people misunderstand or mix up issues. It has nothing to do or related with her Christian back ground . What if she was a Muslim, Zoroastrian or Buddhist? I think a matured well respected person like you to be more rational, because your cause is National not Religious. You are on the thrush hold of getting a lot of attention not only from Majority of Citizens but from convinced Minorities as well . Pl.
    Let all people of India think of you from their Hearts & love you, and not from their brain. As Swamy Vivekananda said.

  4. Raman says:

    Dr.Swamy is right in his perception that Sonia is surely for Christian movement.
    She is surrounded by Christians only and she always prefer Christians to be made Ministers.Antony is one of them.She was having another Kerala christian Vincent as her secretary for some time before Vincent was exposed to several corruption deals.She appoint christian ministers in Kerala where there is good amount of Christians.She always wanted a christian to occupy the CM.Hence she preferred Ooman Chandy.Even in the cabinet at Centre she has Vayalar Ravi,K V Thomas,
    apart from Antony all from Kerala and all are Sonia sycophants.Others are taken only for convenience to train Rahul.Chidambaram is her financial adviser to stash money abroad,Pranab she requires for defending her in Parliament.She has good connection with all the church leaders of Kerala where christian have a good majoritylike muslims.So there is nothing wrong in Swamy’s asst.Again DMK was forced to oppose the Ram Sethu as the beneficiaries of the project are Karunanidhi and Balu and Sonia whomhave already looted a percentage of the money spent and want to complete the projectso that more money can be made.So it is a prestigious question for them and for her to demolish the myth of Lord Ram.Hence I don’t find anything wrong in what Dr.Swamy’s statement and need not be taken as anti Sonia as the facts are well known who have some understanding of the going in the country under Sonia.

  5. early bird says:

    Raman saab, you are correct in a way. As you have ones replied me, those are the same SECULAR Christians, in her party. I did not say Mr. Swamy was wrong, he is 100% right. but in context to apply to her faith does not go well. After all we have SECULARS in every denomination isn’t it, and I think that is how Democracy is being run, & a Nation is not for part of population. Any way a little nonsense is even relished by the wisest men.

  6. satyanarayana says:

    ”Govt. is frustrated means Italian Mafia head Sonia Manio, (who is in captivity of India’s sovereignty & freedom, achieved after a long freedom struggle by true Indians , not the pseudo Indians like Sonia ,Raul de Vinci,) is upset since her plans to weaken the Indian Defence Forces failed, so that she, like in earlier time Britishers entered India as a wellwishers & finally cheated by grabbing power, making a game plan Now Army Chief being a true Indian exposed the real preparedness of our forces at an early stage which is not to the taste of Sonia ,MrMM Singh(PM) is only a puppet. Being failure in her motives she is taking revenge from Chief by way of insulting him by sacking. Other ministers are already in her pocket . This is a very dark part of Indian democrecy that to satisfy ego of a foreigner our own Indian is made scape goat. This will demoralise our Defence forces.May God save this nation & may people awaken by taking example from Mahabharata where SHAKUNI (maternal uncle of Kauravas) destroyed whole Kaurava Dynasty after entering as a well wisher of Kauravas . Sonia is like Shakun

  7. satyanarayana says:

    Karuna is a most self centered and well wisher of his family .His goal starts from family and ends up in only his family welfare The example is having max.MP’s &ministers in center he did nothing for states Ind.development & job creation for educated youths. He is most unprincipled person on following accounts 1) Recall his earlier days of political career
    Anti Hindi Protest causing embarrassment to lakhs of Tamilians settled various parts of country but finally fizzled out when he said in ref to New Secretariat bldg. Hindi People close to his heart. How shameless his statement.
    2)He was the sole reasons to devoid Dr.APJ Kalam a Tamilian & Dream & proud for every youth of this country
    For accommodating his illegitimate daughter he set a score with italian bitch Sonia Manio since Dr Kalam as a President did not heed to her dictates in r/o of her becoming PM or judgment in the case of holding Office of Profit
    when she had to quit. Being aTamilian Karuna ditched the community by not supporting Tamilian for second term.
    3)Drama of fasting for an hour for welfare of SriLankan Tamils and withdrawing it disguising TN People that center assuredTamilians safety. And same day thosands of Tamilians were killed by Bombardment carried out by Srilankan Air force on tamil concentration camps. Karuna did not spoke a word condeming Center or threatened to withdraw support at that point of time. Now when AIADMK & and other tamil parties stalled parliament recently on voting for UN resolution being singled out Karuna had to support the move .
    Sins committed to TN People equals Mahbharata epic.
    But still he dare shamelessly to address public meeting that too by so called daughter who was jailed for cheating corruption embezzlement in 2G case. still on bail.,Pee Chidambaram a boot licker of Sonia never cared for TN’s welfare rather he won his seat by fraudulent way.

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