Corruption is a threat to democracy: Supreme Court

NEW DELHI: Expressing concern over corruption plaguing public life, the Supreme Court on Tuesday said the malady poses a “grave” danger to the country’s democracy.

“Today, corruption in our country not only poses a grave danger to the concept of constitutional governance, it also threatens the very foundation of Indian democracy and the Rule of Law,” Justice A K Ganguly said while delivering the verdict on the issue of granting sanction to prosecute former Telecom Minister A Raja in the 2G spectrum allocation scam.

“The magnitude of corruption in our public life is incompatible with the concept of a socialist, secular and democratic republic. It cannot be disputed that where corruption begins all rights end,” he said.

He further elaborated that anti-corruption law has to be interpreted in such a fashion as to strengthen the fight against corruption.

“Corruption devalues human rights, chokes development and undermines justice, liberty, equality, fraternity which are the core values in our preambular vision. Therefore, the duty of the Court is that any anti-corruption law has to be interpreted and worked out in such a fashion as to strengthen the fight against corruption,” he said.

He said the right of private citizen to file a complaint against a corrupt public servant is a constitutional right and competent authority must be taking action on those complaints.

“The right of private citizen to file a complaint against a corrupt public servant must be equated with his right to access the Court in order to set the criminal law in motion against a corrupt public official. This right of access, a constitutional right should not be burdened with unreasonable fetters,” he said while pointing out that the government has not given sanction to prosecute 126 alleged corrupt officials.

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1 Response to Corruption is a threat to democracy: Supreme Court

  1. Raman says:

    Justice Ganguly has well said about the malignant cancer of corruption which has spread in all spheres of life.But the problem is how to wipe it out with the present system in which even the judges are corrupt and unless a way is found out to stir up the consciousness of the judicial system it is sheer hypocrisy to expect any relief.Most of the HCs and some of the SC judges are Congress stooges who rarely deliver any verdict against Congress and of course for the great courage of some of the judges of SC the fine verdicts are coming.Now the problem is even after getting sanction to sue a public servant will that be executed within a time bound basis as the present system will take even 20 years to get a case reaching its final verdict.So there must be a system that all the corruption cases shuld be finished within a period of 3 years with least adjournments given to the parties and the appeals shuld also be finished within 2 years and in effect the final judgment shulkd be delivered within 5 years.The investigating agencies shuld be freed from the clutches of the Govt and they also shuld finish the investigations within a maximum period of 3 years and not drag on for several years.So there shild be all round reforms in judiciary,investigating agencies,no protraction of a case etc.Without all these things the dream of corrupt free socirty is impossible to think.Of course it is difficult to stem the tide in the lower grade but good efforts can be made to book the higher ups where the stake is high and even if 50% of success comes over a period of 5 years it can be considered a great achievement.For that the political class also shuld be trimmed and the election commission shuld not give registration for one man and two man party and the less number of parties it is good for the country.Of course it is a dream but who will not dream such a society to come?

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