Why Hindus forming 83% of population behave likes destitutes in India?

I was quite moved by the following comment by a reader to one of my postings:

Author : Raman


In an interview which Dr.Swamy gave I have read when a question was put to him by the interviewer with so many enemies from Govt and others how Swamy is able to protect himself without any security.For that Swamy replied that he belives in Lord Balaji who is his sole protecting armour.On reading this tears swelled in my eyes at the great risks he takes to bring to book the culprits by defiantly fighting cases single handedly and whether success will come to him is now a matter of concern really and this week will provide the answer.With the help of the ever protecting Lord Sudharsana I pray that Swamy will succeed at least in two cases against Chidambaram in the SC and the trial court and when the same happens there will surely be an effort achieved with aplomb.

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A Viraat Hindu dedicated to spread the message of Paramacharya of Kanchi
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