2G bomb starts ticking for UPA?

The next few days are going to be tension-packed for the UPA Government as the Supreme Court is set to deliver several crucial judgments on 2G scam. These include order on a petition seeking CBI probe in the role of Home Minister P Chidambaram in the scam.

With Justice AK Ganguly  of the 2G scam bench retiring on February 2, the bench comprising Justice GS Singhvi, is expected to pronounce four crucial judgements, any day before Thursday.

The Special Court on 2G Scam headed by Special Judge OP Saini has already set Saturday — February 4 — for judgement on whether to summon Chidambaram in the spectrum scam. Apart from the spectrum cases, on February 3,   Army chief General VK Singh will start his legal battle against the Central Government in the apex court.

According to legal experts, the bench headed by Justice Singhvi and Justice Ganguly may deliver four judgements between Tuesday and Thursday. Judgments are reserved in all the four cases filed by Janata party president Subramanian Swamy and noted lawyer Prashant Bhushan. If the judges did not come before Justice Ganguly retire, the entire hearing process would have to re-start.

For the UPA Government, among the four cases, the most crucial one is on Swamy’s petition to probe Chidambaram’s role by CBI in the spectrum scam. This case shook the Government when Swamy placed before court Financial Minister Pranab Mukherjee’s note indicting Chidambaram. The judgement was reserved in October last year.

Judgement on Bhushan’s demand for creating Special Investigation Team (SIT) to help the Supreme Court in monitoring the CBI probe was  also reserved in October last year. The petition cited several “dilly-dallying” by CBI and “political interventions” to save top corporate icons in the probe.

The all-important judgement the corporate world is watching relates to petition by  Swamy and Bhushans to cancel the entire telecom licences granted by jailed former Telecom Minister A Raja. These licences were declared illegal by CAG.

Apart from cancellation, the petitioners demanded for court monitored auction of these licences to retrieve the lost money to the exchequer.

The fourth pending judgement is on Swamy’s first case against Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for not granting sanction for prosecuting Raja for the past two years. The case which was supposed to be infructuous after Raja’s resignation, unexpectedly hit the Central Government when the judges raised objections on the inordinate delay from Manmohan Singh’s office.

The court sent notice to PMO, but the Prime Minister got reprieve, when Swamy made a u-turn by filing an affidavit favouring Manmohan Singh, and putting blame on PMO officials and Law Ministry. While reserving judgement on January, last year, the apex court said that they would form future guidelines for applications on sanction for prosecution.


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4 Responses to 2G bomb starts ticking for UPA?

  1. vaidya kesavaiyer says:

    The possibilities:
    Public are not moron
    The judge may be forced to go on leave till retirement,
    he might be scuttled to participate till his retirement
    May create another terrorism to divert the attention as is the custom for corrupt cong
    When the corrupt PC election petition is yet to come for trial is any indication our judiciary is not unfettered by influential elements.

    Even if the judgments went against the government it would have been tailored in ambiguous manner and the buffoons in the corrupt Cong unabashedly supporting their loot will show their super intelligence to make common moron

  2. The corrupt congress leaders know all the dirty tricks in the book to delay and dilly dally the cases against their interest.

    The councel for the GoI will lie blatantly to delay the case they could foist a pliable paid Judge is positioned in the right place.

    That is why we have the Motto ‘Sathyameva Jayathe” which is in fact a misspelt motto
    ” Asathyameva jayathe”.

    Also there is an embedded fact that “Sathaym” or Truth will always lag behind “Asathyam” or Lie for a long time.

    This the corrupt Congress leaders are well aware.

  3. Raman says:

    I agree with the above comments.I don’t expect any miracle to happen as the two judges who have not been able to make up their minds for six months or more it is ridiculous to think of them delivering any judgments on all the four cases.So the effect will be there won’t be any judgments coming in and the retiring judge will be given a warm send off by the other judges and the Congress looters and soon we can see the retiring judge will occupy a plum post for doing great justice to the corrupt Congress and poor Swamy has to just keep mum without knowing what to do?The same is going to happen in the trial court verdict also as no judge has the guts to estrange a person like Chidambaram to pronounce his verdict.Even if it comes Chidambaram will move the High Court and get the order stayed for ever.This is what is going to happen,I feel.Only favourable thing that happened is Swamy has got anticipatory bail from Delhi High Court.Otherwise he would have been in jail tiomorrow probably.This is how our juidiciary works.The so called SC monitoring the 2G case is only a cover to help Raja and others as the case will linger on for another decade and by that time many scams will arise and 2G will have its natural death.

  4. Raman says:

    In an interview which Dr.Swamy gave I have read when a question was put to him by the interviewer with so many enemies from Govt and others how Swamy is able to protect himself without any security.For that Swamy replied that he belives in Lord Balaji who is his sole protecting armour.On reading this tears swelled in my eyes at the great risks he takes to bring to book the culprits by defiantly fighting cases single handedly and whether success will come to him is now a matter of concern really and this week will provide the answer.With the help of the ever protecting Lord Sudharsana I pray that Swamy will succeed at least in two cases against Chidambaram in the SC and the trial court and when the same happens there will surely be an effort achieved with aplomb.

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