BBC documentary: “Double Cross USA” – Secret Pakistan


Namaste everyone,

BBC has released first of its multi-episodes documentary on how two-faced Pakistan has double crossed the US and rest of the world. Its shows how on one hand Pakistan is faking as an ally in war against terror, while on the other how ISI is relentlessly supporting Taliban against US, how Pakistan is breading Islamic terror against Bharat by giving military support to Taliban, LeT, HuJI, and how Pakistan is intentionally destabilizing the whole Indian Subcontinent.

Please watch this complete documentary on Youtube:

It is high time that US sheds its own double standards and publicly reprimands Pakistan, the epicenter of Islamic terror in the world. Bharatiya Parliamentarians should watch this informative documentary rather than wasting millions of tax rupees on watching Salman Khursheed’s ridiculous play glorifying a Hinduphobic murderer, bandit, and rapist Mughal Babar (, and should ensure safety and security of Bharat and all of its citizens.


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