The Muslim harasser of Yeddyurappa is a fraud and fabricator. Arrested for faking documents

Next guy to be booked should be Hans Raj Bharadhwaj who probably induced the fabricator

BANGALORE: Advocate Sirajin Basha, on whose complaints former Karnataka chief minister B S Yeddyurappa has been arrested for alleged illegal denotification of land, was on Saturday booked by police for allegedly submitting fabricated documents relating to the complaints to the Lokayukta court.

On the direction of sixth additional chief metroploitan magistrate, city police registered an FIR against Basha for submitting ‘fabricated evidence’ relating to land scam charges against Yeddyurappa, police said.

One Ganjendra had approached the ACMM court on Friday and filed a complaint against Basha, police said.

An FIR has been filed against Basha under Sections 193 (fabricating false evidence) and 466 (forging records) of the Indian Penal Code, police said.

Basha was not available for comments on the development. The Lokayukta court had on October 15 remanded Yeddyurappa to judicial custody. Basha has filed two complaints against him.

In all, Basha has filed five complaints comprising 15 cases before the Lokayukta Court against Yeddyurappa and others including his family members alleging illegal denotification of government lands.

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3 Responses to The Muslim harasser of Yeddyurappa is a fraud and fabricator. Arrested for faking documents

  1. Rajagopal H says:

    Basha, a tentacle of Congress must be grilled to get to the root of his lies. He must be part of a great conspiracy involving HR Bharadhwaj too against BJP govt in Karnataka.

    BJP leaders must make big noise about this and get BSY released.
    Unfortunately the leaders in BJP are self centric.

    What is surprising is why many newspapers and news Channels have kept mum on this news, while they blast trivial news of what Diggi boy says against BJP, RSS and Anna Hazare Team day in day out.

  2. vaidya kesavaiyer says:

    The bastard had acted on the direction of the corrupt cong and fortified a false case to tarnish yeddy’s image in the eyes of the public. The stooge of the corrupt cong another scoundrel Bharadwaj acted as a peon of the corrupt cong and was enduring for giving trouble for the smooth functioning governance of the only BJP in the south. The BJP is yet to learn the art of all fulminations of the corrupt cong which is hard to implement since BJP is populated with people of morality.

  3. nagar says:

    Yediurappa is a CLEAN MAN with an excellent track record in ADMINISTRATION.

    The Corrupt UPA does not want to leave the OPPOSITION governments in peace.

    Especially KARANATAK – the state which opened her gates to BJP to form a FULLY INDEPENDENT BJP GOVERNMENT in South.

    Corrupt Congress can not digest this fact.

    The same tactics which were used to harass MODI have been used on YEDIURAPPA also.

    Like Sanjeev Bhatt, this guy Basha must be arrested & prosecuted.

    The entire BJP should throw her weight behind Yediurappa & help him swim back to power with Honour.

    People of Karanataka are fully aware of the evild designs of the CORRUPT CONGRESS & the CRIMINAL JD{S} designs.

    Politically – now – Karnataka has become another Gujarat.
    Congress & JD{S} will become archives in the Political History of Karanataka.

    But there are promising signs that the corrupt Congress is being wiped out India:

    [1] Kerala – Congress may be in power riding on the back of allies.
    [2] Pondichery – Corrupt Congress & Corrupt DMK Wiped out.
    [3] TN – Corrupt Congress & Corrupt DMK Wiped out
    [4] A P – Congress may be losing because of the Reddy Factor.
    [5] Karanatak has become another Gujarat. Corrupt Congress may forget Karantaka for another 5 decades.
    [6] Goa – The politically knowledgable Goans are simmering now. Each & every Goan is aware that 25000 Crores have been looted by Sonia through the CM, Speaker. Corrupt Congress will lose DEPOSITS in each & every constituency in Goa in the 2012 Elections.
    [7] Maharashtra: BJP/Shivsena is slowly building inroads into Congress citadels.
    [8] Gujarat: Gujaratis are asking – What is “Congress”?
    [9] Rajasthan: With a Congress Government, But People are getting disenchanted because of the CENTRAL CORRUPTION.
    [10]MP: Chouhan has the pulse of each&every man in the state.
    He is a silent Narendra Modi. Corrupt Congress can forget MP for atleast another 3 decades.
    [11] Punjab: Congress can be written off. Anna effect is also going to play a MAJOR ROLE in 2012.
    [12] Bihar – What is congress ???
    13] WB: It is Mamta. Congress is riding on Mamta’s back. BJP should try to wean away Mamta.
    [14] Orissa – Congress is hardly any force here.
    [15] Assam: A “mini Bangladesh”
    All other states are too small to make any impact – even if Congress wins them.
    People should vigilant against EVM manipulation.

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