Mao did it all wrong, believes CPC think-tank

But you can’t expect the Indian National Congress to jettison Gandhi-Nehru philosophy of betrayal, could you?

BEIJING: He might be the founding father of the People”s Republic of China, but the economic policies Mao Zedong followed have few takers today in the Communist Party of China which believes “he did it all wrong”.

In fact, as it celebrates its 90th anniversary, the party says Mao”s ways resulted in “chaos in entire society” and it was a policy crafted out of the lessons learnt from his failures that have put China on a path to economic glory.The CPC now attributes its success in stirring economic development in China in the past three and half decades to economic reforms propounded by Mao”s successor Deng Xiaoping, and its ability to learn from past failures.”Mao did it all wrong because he tried to develop the economy in a revolutionary way,” Xie Chuntao (Xie), Vice Director of the Party History Department at the Party School of the CPC Central Committee told state-run Global Times.Xie said “Mao told his colleagues in Yan”an (his home province) that the Party must let the masses to supervise the government. He then began his way of implementing democracy, which resulted in chaos throughout the entire society”.The CPC, which had its ups and downs in its 62-year uninterrupted rule of China, will turn 90 on July 1 and the party is currently carrying out a massive campaign to revitalise itself by recreating its past spirit.Xie said the liberalised atmosphere brought in by Deng has made CPC take decisions with objective reality.”As Deng once said, the system is the most decisive factor. The bad have nowhere to hide in a working system and the good may turn bad when in a rotten system.”Democracy, without surrendering to the whims of individuals, has to be implemented systematically within the frame of the law,” he said.


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