Baba Ramdev dares govt to arrest him, vows to fight graft till death

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Baba Ramdev

Baba Ramdev is back in Delhi after being evicted in a pre-dawn swoop.

Three weeks after he was evicted from Delhi, yoga guru Baba Ramdev vowed to fight corruption till the last breath and dared the government to arrest him if he has done “anything wrong”. He also said the crackdown on him was an attempt to scuttle the anti-black money campaign.

Speaking to Headlines Today Executive Editor Rahul Kanwal for the first time after he was evicted from Ramlila Maidan on June 5, Ramdev said while he had come out stronger after the police crackdown, his movement against corruption and black money was set to be bigger. “The crackdown was unexpected. But after that, our agitation has become more powerful,” Ramdev said on Monday, adding, “The undemocratic government has no right to continue”.

The yoga guru, who is back in the national capital, said, “I will fight corruption till my last breath.” “I envisage politics based on morality bringing about a change in our social system,” Ramdev said, adding, he would strive for a “political alternative”.

“The government, which was corrupt, has become repressive too,” the yoga guru said, adding, “I’m here in Delhi. Arrest me if I have done anything wrong.”

He was responding to a question if he was not afraid of the ruling party, which has launched a probe his assets. “I told the government to make my assets national property if they are illegal, but had added the political parties should also do the same,” Ramdev said. Maintaining that the crackdown on him was an attempt to scuttle his campaign, Ramdev said the gimmicks were aimed at “diverting the attention”.

On being accused of being propped up by the RSS, Ramdev said, “Besides Sadhvi Ritambhara and others, I had also met (Congress general secretary) Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Vadra and Congress CMs as well. Rahul also spoke about the black money menace. But while I trusted the government, created awareness, the government cheated me.”

On being asked if he had struck a deal with the government, he said had it been so, there would have been no brutality witnessed at Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan.

Ramdev also dismissed charges about his aide Balkrishna, saying the passport and land cases were concocted. “We did not take any money from the Nepal government. We took only permission for the work we do,” he said.

Maintaining there was a “social and spiritual vacuum”, the yoga guru said his movement will not only change the system, but would also bring about a revolution. Ramdev also lent support to anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare’s proposed past from Aug 16, saying “whoever fights corruption, will have our support”.

‘UPA is discrediting Hazare, Ramdev’

NAGPUR: Uma Bharti, who recently made a comeback to BJP, on Tuesday said the UPA government was deliberately “discrediting” Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev for channelising growing discontent among common people against the UPA government.

“What Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare are doing is channelising peoples’ discontent. But the UPA government is so insensitive that it used a massive force to stop Baba’s peaceful agitation midnight and is now threatening to use same tactics against social activist Anna Hazare,” said Uma Bharti after meeting RSS ideologue M G Vaidya.”The government should know that suppressed public anger can explode any time,” she said, adding that the UPA leaders were deliberately discrediting Ramdev and Hazare. “In a calculated method, the two mass leaders are being made look like khalnayaks (villains) or even jokers. Digvijay Singh’s remark against Baba is also a clear admission that the government unleashed terror against Ramdev to end his successful and peaceful agitation which was attracting huge public support,” the former chief minister said.Referring to a reported statement made by Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh, she said, “By declaring that Anna will be meted out the same treatment as Baba faced when he was bundled out of Ramlila Maidan, and his followers beaten up, Singh has only made it clear that the UPA government brooks no dissent and is little interested in dealing with rampant corruption in the government”.The former president of Bharatiya Janshakti Party said that the party would be formally merged with BJP in Delhi on Tuesday.”I held no post in that party (Bhartiya Janshakti Party). But I will be present there for the function while the merger formality will be done by that party president Sanghapriya Gautam and BJP national president Nitin Gadkari,” said Bharti.Bharti said she would launch the second phase of ‘Ganga Samagra’ agitation for rejuvenating the holy river.”It’s very sad that the holy water of the Ganges, which had unique quality of always remaining fresh even after being stored for years, has vanished. We want to find out how that rare quality can be restored,” she added.Asked about her plans for Uttar Pradesh of which she was made in-charge by BJP leadership, Bharti said the state elections next year will be fought on the issue of total failure on part of Mayawati government on law and order front.”Before Mayawati’s BSP, which got majority in 2007, BJP was the only party to win elections on its own in that state in 1991. So the BJP has good support base and we are confident of doing well in UP,” she said.


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4 Responses to Baba Ramdev dares govt to arrest him, vows to fight graft till death

  1. Nagar says:

    *It is sure the UPA & its criminal leaders are going to be SAFFRONIZED to death.
    **BABA Ramdev is going to sound the death knell for these looters.
    ***Uma Bharathi is going to repeat an “MP” or “Bihar” in UP.
    But whoever replaces this criminal group should have their priorities as follows:
    1. Bring back the entire BLACK MONEY from TAX HAVENS through sustained, planned & vigrous efforts.
    2. Arrest – Sonia, Manmohan, Chidambaram, Kapil for their massive fraud on the nation.
    3. Disenfanchise these criminals preventing them from fighting future elections.

  2. bhagavaan daas says:

    INDIAN GOVT. IS ANTI-HINDUU , ANTI-NATIONAL CAN GO TO THE LOWEST TO THE LOWEST level to kill baabaa raam dev and his followers and hinduus . This govt. is wolves for hinduus and a meek mouse in case of a muslim and christian . They are all ISLAAMIC , CHRISTIAN TERRORISTS with HINDUU names —-

  3. vaidya. k.iyer says:

    The eccentric attitude of the congis is that albeit they licking the boot of their primary idol Sonia, they want others also to fasten their tongue under sonia’s foot.

    The former are for money and for that they will go to any extent but everybody need not be like them to renounce everything like them.

    While others decided as to how to live these morons sets precedence as we can live however we want resulting the clash.

  4. kukkumol says:

    Crime ratio is very high in Delhi. Police can’t show their strength/power against them but but they are showing their power to saint person like Baba, if the Dheli Police want to show their power, they need to show their power to daily crime happing in Delhi……

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