Thus blabbed the spineless sikhandi who knows no self-respect..

Have no objection to Rahul Gandhi becoming PM: Manmohan

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has said he has no objection to Rahul Gandhi succeeding him as PM but said no such discussions were currently taking place within the ruling party.

In his interaction with the editors on Wednesday, Manmohan Singh said he had no hesitation in bringing himself under the purview of Lokpal. However, he added but many of his Cabinet colleagues felt that bringing the institution of Prime Minister under Lokpal would create instability.

Manmohan Singh said the government will find a way out on Lokpal and try for a consensus.

Commenting on the institution of Lokpal, Manmohan Singh said, “We need a strong Lokpal although it is not a panacea”.

Manmohan Singh was critical of the media and said the media has become “accuser, prosecutor and judge”.

The prime minister confirmed that finance minister Pranab Mukherjee had complained to him about suspected bugging of his offices and he had ordered Intelligence Bureau to investigate. It is a closed chapter now, he said.

On police action against Ramdev at Ramlila grounds, Manmohan Singh said it was unfortunate but there was no alternative.

He said, government is committed to pursuing whatever is feasible to deal with blackmoney, tax evasion and corruption but it is not a one-shot operation.

He dismissed talks of being a lameduck Prime Minister as ‘clever propaganda’ by the Opposition.

Manmohan Singh heaped praise on Sonia Gandhi and said, “I have got maximum cooperation from Sonia Gandhi who has done a superb job as Congress president.”

Commenting on the impending Cabinet reshuffle, the PM said that it is a “work in progress”, but refused to disclose when it will actually take place.

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3 Responses to Thus blabbed the spineless sikhandi who knows no self-respect..

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  2. Nagar says:

    Manmohan is equally culpable like Sonia,Chidambaram,Sibbal etal. To call him, an honest man, anymore is fooling oneself. This spineless crook is saying there was no ALTERNATIVE but to take action on BABA. Let this spineless Sardar sorry Gaddar come out – what was the provocation to disperse a set of sleeping & peaceful satyagrahis. Manmohan has made billions in COAL DEAL & ISRO DEAL. Unless an ALL INDIA AGITATION is organised till these government CRROKS are sent to jail, We can not get rleief from them.

  3. vaidyanathan k iyer says:

    All these subjects dealt with the paid reporters of congis are nothing but the reiteration of old blah- blahed on the net. He had nothing to say afresh and nothing emerged afresh except for grist for the lie monger media.

    It was not esoteric that he would vacate the seat following the marching order of the super devil to make her son, the lip stick pig as PM so that after the next general election he would be addressed as former PM, for he could never become PM more to the point he is in association of gutter mouth DS.

    The lip stick pig and DS have taken incarnation in Bharat to root out corrupted cong and therefore, wherever they lay their foot cong is decimated

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