Anna Hazare is a Congress plant. Beware!

This rascal is hijacking the people’s movement so as to put the Congressmen and Sonia in the limelight with ulterior aim to save Antonia Maino and her mafia from the people’s wrath.  Anna Hazare is trying to stop proscecuting the criminals. BEWARE!


SEE WHAT ANNA HAZARE SAYS: “The government is drunk with power and corruption…it is for the people to make it sober” said Anna Hazare.  IT IS NOT FOR KICKING OUT THE GOVT BUT MAKE THEM SAY SORRY AND LET THEM OFF THE HOOK!  ANNA HAZARE IS A REAL FRAUD!

Trillions of rupees of the hard earned money of the people of India would never be recovered from the criminals!  This is the purpose of Anna Hazare’s fast (unto easy fame not tough death!)


Sandhya Jain
07 Apr 2011
In the wake of an orchestrated frenzy to achieve a particular legal structure against official corruption, it is pertinent to ask all political parties if they are willing to abolish Parliament and representative government, and entrust power to a coterie of NGOs with overt and covert Western support. 

Anna Hazare’s gigantic exercise to delegitimise the elected UPA and elected Members of Parliament, and insist that a self-appointed group of moral guardians shall determine the contours of a proposed national legislation to tackle corruption in government, is an assault on the letter and spirit of the Constitution. Unelected crusaders with agendas derived from unknown sources; and ample funds to whip up moderate street participation; can at best be regarded as a pressure group with a right to be heard.

Anna Hazare’s so-called fast-unto-death is questionable for its anti-democratic disdain for elected government and people’s representatives. The timing is equally suspect – right after the adjournment of Parliament after passing the Union Budget. It may be recalled that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was forced to gift Rs. 40,000/- crores to the leaky MREGA project favoured by Congress president Sonia Gandhi and her unelected friends in the National Advisory Council; his attempts to curtail this hole in the exchequer enraged her.

As if on cue, Hazare, NAC cronies, Rockefeller Foundation-funded Magsaysay Award winners, and other usual suspects, ganged up against the besieged prime minister. Concerned citizens and analysts have a duty to ask whether the government of a Republic that derives its power from the people should – in the months preceding the monsoon session of Parliament – cave in to blackmail by well-heeled and well-connected NGOs, and accept a legislation drafted by them? If laws are to be adopted and enacted in this manner, do we need either government or Parliament?

We may as well formally declare India a ‘Mandate’ of the United States. After all, the NAC that rules the government is chaired by ‘Indo-US nuclear deal is close to my heart’ Sonia Gandhi, and includes French national Jean Dreze, besides ex-IAS officer Harsh Mander, who became internationally famous by maligning the nation in the wake of the post-Godhra riots.

By an interesting coincidence, the attack of the NGO Armada coincides with the Supreme Court’s smashing the moral credentials of Medha Patkar and her Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA), for filing a false affidavit in the matter of the Omkareshwar Dam project. A Bench of Justices JM Panchal, Deepak Verma and BS Chauhan – annoyed at the NGO’s false claim that the State of Madhya Pradesh had wrongfully acquired 284 hectares of land from Indore farmers – asked it to explain “why it should not be restricted from filing any case/petition before any court throughout the country”. Why indeed.

More pertinently, State Government counsel informed the Court that Patkar’s NGO is not a registered society and is thus not even entitled to represent the oustees! Surely that sums it up – NGOs are only a ‘lobby’; they are not equal to, much less above, elected representatives of the people. Yet the fact that Patkar’s Narmada Bachao Andolan could exist and enjoy high profile for 30 long years without complying with any legal formalities, proves that such NGOs are intricately networked with the Congress-dominated political and bureaucratic hierarchy, despite pretensions of ‘dissent’ and leadership of the ‘voiceless’. There can be no doubt that they have a hidden agenda.

Now that the Supreme Court has taken cognizance of the dubious credentials of this NGO, it must direct the State Government to investigate the sources of its funding, and possible agenda.
To return to Anna Hazare, the aged war-horse has been seriously undermined by Karnataka Lokayukta Justice N. Santosh Hegde, whose name has been recklessly used over the past few weeks to garner middle class support for the private Jan Lokpal Bill drafted by Hazare, Hegde and others. Hedge has suggested that Hazare’s decision to fast until the Centre agrees to pass this Bill is premature, as the National Advisory Council is still discussing this private Bill and has not given its recommendations to the government.

Justice Hegde has indirectly admitted that there are differences of opinion regarding various clauses of the Bill even among the activists who drafted it. This suggests that the NAC may moot new clauses that could divide the activists further. With the private Bill thus likely to be subjected to further changes by the NAC, Hazare’s fast makes little sense to even some of his colleagues. It would seem that its purpose is to coerce Dr Manmohan Singh to commit to whatever Sonia Gandhi dishes out in the name of the NAC, despite institutional reservations from government. This is extra-constitutionalism at its zenith – strange that the opposition BJP should be so blind to it.

Certainly there is something inexplicable in Hazare’s haste – “It’s a fight to the finish for citizen’s rights”. Why? What is the hidden target he is hurtling towards; why is it secret from the rest of us?

Readers who may regard this critique as harsh should consider that Anna Hazare wants a joint committee comprising government and civil society leaders [read individuals and NGOs favoured by him and his friends] to rework the current draft Lokpal Bill. I am refraining, in this article, from going into the merits of his critique of the Government Draft [I stipulate there will be much merit in it]; in fact, I am not going into the text of his draft at all, nor comparing it with the impugned Government draft.

My point is that he is instigating the middle class intelligentsia that comes to hear him at Jantar Mantar – and neither he nor any of his allies is a grassroots mass leader – to despise and distrust politicians and bureaucrats as a class when these are the constitutional pillars of State. In their place, Hazare moots an unelected oligarchy. This does not bode well for the nation or the society.

While he is within his rights to fiercely criticise the Government draft Lokpal Bill, it is utterly unworthy to say that, “If the government alone drafts the anti-corruption bill, it will be autocratic not democratic, there will be discrepancies.” Here it may be pertinent to note that while Hazare’s charmed inner circle includes some high profile lawyers who have made a mark in the battle against corruption in high places, he has placed NO FAITH in the Judiciary as an institution in rectifying anomalies in the law and its application, and in bringing culprits to justice. This is a strange kind of crusade.
A major plank to justify the hunger strike is the string of scams that have hit the UPA-II, most notably the 2G Spectrum Scam and the scandals associated with the Commonwealth Games.

Yet the 2G Spectrum Scam probe is being closely supervised by the Supreme Court and the principal accused are already in jail – without help from Hazare or his associates.

On the Commonwealth Games – Hazare & Co. are conspicuous by their silence on the Report of the V.K. Shunglu Committee which has nailed Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit, Lt. Governor Tejinder Khanna, and the Central Ministries associated with the Games for all the sins of omission and commission. The shameless manner in which Mrs Dikshit has sought to ridicule the Shunglu Committee, her meeting to garner the support of Ms Sonia Gandhi, the failure of Sonia Gandhi and Congress to move against Dikshit, all speak eloquently about who shields corruption in the UPA.

I would have had faith in the Anna Hazare fast if he had made action on the Shunglu Committee the pivot of his crusade and fast in Delhi, and not made the personally honest Prime Minister the target of his rage. The fact that this very live issue of high level corruption in the capital – which still reverberates in world capitals – did not even occur to him or his associates should be evidence enough of an unspoken agenda and an illegitimate target. It reminds one of Sherlock Holmes’ quintessential query – but why didn’t the dog bark?

In conclusion, I must say I cannot agree with the main object of Anna Hazare’s fast –to elevate a select coterie as national super cop and super judge, as a national daily put it so aptly.

I robustly condemn the idea that Magsaysay Award-winning Indians should figure in the Lokpal selection panel. This stinks of an American hand. Without casting aspersions on any individual, it bears stating that the Magsaysay Award is funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, though it is named after late Philippine leader Ramon Magsaysay.

As the Rockefeller family has vast business interests all over the globe and doubtless also in India, we shall never know what kind of private networking could take place in government and bureaucracy via its favoured persons, to further Rockefeller interests. Recently we saw US insurance corporate-cum-philanthropist Warren Buffet visiting India and Government pushing to raise FDI in insurance from 26% to 51%! Bill and Melinda Gates were also here – peddling vaccines of unknown quality and of course the detestable GM seeds.

India’s high profile elites derive status from the international NGO cocktail circuit. Their insatiable quest for funds and glory makes them adopt ideas and concepts without examining their validity in an Indian context. As they are very conscious of their elite status, they have unacceptable contempt for the people and their elected representatives. We cannot endorse these non-accountable and glittering Western satellites.

The author is Editor,
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User Comments:
madam, while agree with your apprehensions on politician hating anti-corruption campain i don’t understand the basis for your personal honesty certificate to manmohan. He is a bigger american stooge compared to any allegedly american sponsered NGO or individual. Both italian cabal and MMS are evil and together need to be exposed
07 Apr 2011
Very well said indeed. Prominently featured with Hazare in the news are Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi. Why don’t they fast with him too? The duplicity of Kejriwal’s own NGO features at and Bedi’s duplicity is exposed at and at . Patkar’s NBA is described in wiki as a “social movement”. Presumably this social movement handles money, if only for its own expenses. But the Supreme Court has noted the NBA is not a registered entity. So, how does it bank its money? How does it account for its expenses? The NBA, which has international connections, does not seem to have its own website. Sandhya Jain has earlier argued that NGOs should be put under the RTI scalpel (The Pioneer, 8/8/06). All these “civil society” activists must first turn the anti-corruption spotlight on themselves.
Krishen Kak
07 Apr 2011
Anna Hazare must be allowed to fast unto death. This way the country will effectively end politics of blackmail; and no matter what this bogus old man says, this is politics he is playing. Only he wants to do politics without politicians. Indian politicians that is because he is not averse to writing to Sonia Gandhi and seeking refuge behind Sonia Gandhi’s NAC as his letter to the PM proves. On his seeking white approval and white legitimacy for what he doing, he is Gandhian I will grant you that. And I wonder if this old bogus did not think it will be a good idea to hijack the issue that Baba Ramdev was so explosively carrying into all parts of the country. And such is the general rascallyness of our media that you just have to wear a bogus Gandhi cap of the bogus Gandhi that they will give it the publicity which they were mortally afraid of giving to Baba Ramdev. And those rascals who were with baba Ramdev have gone over to Hazare’s bedside. And the bulk of them are idiot Hindus who do not understand the politics behind Hazare’s fast unto death. At his age, the nation must homour him and allow him to fast unto death.
Radha Rajan
07 Apr 2011
It is Gandhian blackmail and will produce similar anarchy, by diverting attention from the real issues. The real problem is that the Government beginning with Rajiv Gandhi (of Bofors fame) has been turned into a facilitator of loot like the East India Company. It is now controlled by an invisible mafia that is using Manmohan Singh as a stooge. Can Raja, Hasan Ali, etc control such vast amounts of money without government patronage? The Government, like Manmohan Singh is accountable to Sonia and her mafia and no on else.
07 Apr 2011
Sandhyaji has raised many valid points, the primary, to my mind, is the selectivity of the subject chosen to protest. Also, the fact that it seems to be a NAC backed project would make the whole exercise highly suspect. I wonder why Anna is alone in his fast. There does not seem to be any ‘big names’ who have joined him in the exercise. In this context I would like to recommend the following book: Re-Colonisation: Foreign Funded NGOs in Sri Lanka by Susantha Goonatilake ## It has highlighed how the Sri Lanka foreign policy has been outsourced (to use the author’s word) to foreign funded NGOs, and the highly dubious background of these NGOs. One small correction, which does not take away even an iota from Sandhyaji’s point. Jean Dreze is of Beligan origin, and is presently a citizen of India. He is also the author of the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, which is a good source of money for many corrupt people of India.
07 Apr 2011
This passionate social activist, who has started a “fast until death” to demand the “end of corruption” has been offered support by politicians and he has refused it, stating that “all politicians are the same and it should be a grassroot movement”. The general idea is good, but the application is stupid. Anna Hazare is not going to get ANY GOOD RESULT in this way – except for making a big name for himself, to be used later for getting into politics himself, which we hope he is not planning to do. What he needs to do now is: 1. accept the support of politicians 2. ask each and every MLA (member of legislative assembly) and MP (member of parliament) and all other politicians who want to support him, to go to their constituencies and ask their voters to submit their requests for help in order to overcome corruption. ## Corruption is not opposed in the Parliament or Lok Sabha by new laws. Making new laws will only AGGRAVATE THE PROBLEM, because corrupt people will always be able to elude justice, and on top the cost of the bribes will skyrocket to “COVER THE RISKS”. So corruption will only become worse. Corruption is vanquished when a “big personality” takes PERSONAL INTEREST in facilitating a legal process WITHOUT ASKING FOR BRIBES. So these politicians just have to write letters to the SECRETARIATES that are supposed to grant licenses or other recognitions to the voters of their constituencies, and in such letters they must recommend and require that the legal process should proceed without further impediments or delays. This is the ONLY WAY. There is no other solution for the Indian system. Thus the politicians will not even have to skip a meal (at least not in the name of corruption, if they want to lose weight it’s another story), BUT CORRUPTION WILL DISAPPEAR INSTANTLY. This is what the hundreds of people queuing in the politicians waiting rooms want from them, begging and crying, so that the “big man” they voted will “say a word” to the reluctant burocrats. Anything else is just POLITICAL PROPAGANDA, of which dharmic people should be ashamed of – what to speak of supporting it. WAKE UP HINDUS!!! Stop being bamboozled by so-called “great people”. You may choose to listen or not to listen: it is your responsibility. I have done my duty.
07 Apr 2011
1. The first question here is are we having real democracy esp. after UPA came to power? Democracy does not mean a minority groups cohering itself with parties of heterogenous interests to capture power, with the sole objective of making slush money, use the dossiers and investigative/ taxation agencies to intimidate the dissident groups to browbeat them to submission (Mayavati and Mulayam and to some extent Lallu and Paswan), buying out openly MP-s to sustain the majority starting with Shibu Soren during Narasimha Rao’s tenure and the notorious July 22 vote when MM SIngh summoned Mukesh Ambani- shown in TV on July 20 near Parliament House – and buying out several MP-s @Rs.25 to 50 Cr. each and those disagreeing flaunting the currency bundles in the house by throwing them upwards. [2] PM Himself agreed that he was constrained by the “Coalition Dharma” to abet the megascams committed by Raja in 2G scam or Kalmadi’s CWG, and but for the agile newsreporters, the entire episode would have gone unnoticed and swept under the carpet by the Congress Party. [3] Right from CJI Balakrishnan, CBI’s Vijay Shankar or CBDT or other top controlling bodies, UPA has been using them to cover-up or nullify the attempts to expose the corrupt (Bharadwaj allowing Quottrochi to flee with the impounded frozen bank account in London or Vijay Shankar deliberately slipping away details allowing Q to esacpe from Malaysia first and then again from Argentina in Bofors) and the traitor moles like Brajesh Mishra awarded Padmashri for his nefarious roles favouring Sonia during NDA rule!! [4] Are we having a Govt. that functions for public interest at Delhi? Every Minister pulls in his own interests and it was openly expressed of 15% kickback for NHAI beneficiary who is reported to have offered aircrafts and helicopters for candidates of Congress- or the reported 30% share holding by a minister’s daughter in Indigo Airlines- getting all lucrative routes now, which was earlier directed to Jet Airways since a decade or more. This group itself might have seen how people were agitated by the monstrous proportions of mega-scams draining away the public funds and the helplessness expressed to deal with these. One King of corruption let Dawood’s family and Memon-s to escape to Dubai through VIP entrance of Mumbai airport after Mumbai blasts…. [5] People!! esp. youths, awake and join the Anna Hazare fight against corruption as democracy and elections cannot remove the corrupt from ruling the Country. ANNAJI!! BEWARE OF SWAMI AGNIVESH OR MEDHA PATKAR. THEY ARE WORKING FOR MISSIONARIES AND FUNDED BY GROUPS ABROAD FOR THE INTERESTS OF CHRISTIAN MAOISTS AND OTHERS INVOLVED IN ANTI-NATIONAL ACTIVITIES who support Sonia in her intrigues.
07 Apr 2011
I really do not understand rationale underlying Anna Hazare’s fast unto death. Here are some questions: (a) On what grounds should “civil society” leaders should be involved in a panel of folks who would draft the Lokpal Bill. Many of these “grass-roots workers” are two-bit players, and get dubious funding thru NGO channels of all hues and colors. A classic case is MNREGA scheme, conceived by Jean Dreze, and thru this scheme, tens of thousands of crores of rupees is being dumped into coffers of corrupt folks. And the NAC is trying to further the depth and penetration of this scheme, even though there is hard data that corruption is rampant in the implementation of this scheme. Any guesses, as to why this push for MNREGA. (b) While it is OK to argue for the Lokpal bill (or argue against it), is there any shred of evidence that implementation of such a bill even in the most ideal situation will stem corruption. At the state level, we have the institution of Lokayukta. Maharashtra was perhaps the 1st state to implement this provision (1972!!). The Lokayukta is appointed by Governor after recieving inputs from High Court CJ, and Opposition leader. He has the right to inquire into the conduct of all ministers (sans CM). Typically, we have retired justices of High Courts sitting in this position. However, there is little data to suggest that corruption index in Mah. is less than in other states. Similarly, the Delhi state appointed a Lokayukta in 1995. However, the CWG scam involved mega mis-appropriation of money, and the “tainted’ people in this aspect hail from Mah. and Delhi. (c) Somehow I have a feeling that the “fast unto death” act of Anna is just being used to deflect focus from ongoing exposure of scams (which emerge on a daily basis). Imagine a scenario, where the govt., post some cajoling and “pressures” yields to the demand of the “fasters”, and constitutes a panel of “experts” who end up drafting a half-ass Lokpal Bill. And in the scheme of things, the focus on current mega scandals, which are perhaps of the same order of magnitude as India’s economy, gets lost. Who is the winner in this game?
07 Apr 2011
Please read the text of the letter from Anna Hazare to the PM. Of particular importance is the paragraph where Anna argues that “NAC sub-committee has discussed Jan Lokpal Bill. But what does that actually mean? Will the government accept the recommendations of NAC sub-committee? So far, UPA II has shown complete contempt for even the most innocuous issues raised by NAC.” ## So Is Anna plugging the NAC headed by Sonia Gandhi? The members like Prof M. S. Swaminathan, Dr Ram Dayal Munda, Dr. Narendra Jadhav, Prof. Pramod Tandon, Dr. Jean Dreze, Ms.Aruna Roy, Shri Madhav Gadgil, Shri Naresh C. Saxena, Dr. A. K. Shiva Kumar, Shri Deep Joshi, Ms. Anu Aga, Ms. Farah Naqvi, Shri Harsh Mander, Ms Mirai Chatterjee are not exactly a-political figures. ## According to the official website, “The National Advisory Council (NAC) has been set up as an interface with Civil Society. The NAC would provide policy and legislative inputs to Government with special focus on social policy and the rights of the disadvantaged groups. … In addition, the NAC would review the flagship programmes of the Government and suggest measures to address any constraints in their implementation and delivery. The NAC comprises distinguished professionals drawn from diverse fields of development activity who serve in their individual capacities. Through the NAC, the Government has access not only to their expertise and experience but also to a larger network of Research Organizations, NGOs and Social Action and Advocacy Groups.” Should I think that the leadership of this “anti-corruption drive” too want a seat at this table. Who said that this movement is “apolitical”?
07 Apr 2011
Anna Hazare surrounded by cronies of West funded NGOs and Italian Sonia led NAC cannot be allowed to hijack the movement against corruption started and meticulously run by Sri Baba Ramdev. The middle class of Chennai is likely to congregate on the Marina Beach this evening lighting candles (sic) in order to show solidarity with the fasting Anna Hazare. Where were these people when Baba Ramdev visited Chennai and other parts of TN during the last week of March? Sandhyaji has raised valid and significant doubts on the frenzy being spread from Janthar Manthar, New Delhi. Beware, anything highlighted and hyped by the secular mainstream media in India is dubious!
07 Apr 2011
Thanks to Sandhya Jain for raising important questions. That art of living Ravishankar too has joined this is amusing. There are many bloggers exposing how corrupt this Ravishankar is favouring his own extended family in tandem with enjoying a tax exempt status. The dangers of vaccines & Monsanto’s GM seeds can never be overemphasized. Why not we put our indigenous knowledge to optimum use ? Letting ” food be our medicine ” for good health.
07 Apr 2011
You are right. What we are having is not democracy but its caricature. They are speaking of elected persons; but the question is how they are elected? Have they strictly followed the norms of electiong? How many criminals we have got in Parliament? and How many amongst them are holding ministerial posts? Democracy has got certain norms How many are following them? And still we call ours being greatest democracy in the world. It appears our understanding of democracy is holding elections every five years and then forgetting about it till next election. We even do not bother how our representatives get elected. To call ours a democratic government is a great fraud on the people. Here everyone who has got power is trying to take maximum advantages of the position and to loot the country, may he be a minister or a clerk or peon in some government department. The first requirement as stated by Mr. Kumar is to change the form of government by appointing new Constitutional Assembly but not under the present government or rulers and surely not under the members of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty. It appears that NAC is trying to infiltrate Baba Ramdevji’s party and has influenced Anna Hazare. They should be very careful.
07 Apr 2011
In his letter to the PM, Anna argues that “NAC sub-committee has discussed Jan Lokpal Bill. But what does that actually mean? Will the government accept the recommendations of NAC sub-committee? So far, UPA II has shown complete contempt for even the most innocuous issues raised by NAC.” Pray, what else is this but endorsement of NAC and its policies. Does it not indirectly imply that NAC is made up of saints? Also, does it not imply that he wants to bestow more authority on NAC (and thru it to himself as well). That is the fundamental agenda of many of these hi-profile fasters. Fasting has become a fashion. ## Also, here is a list of awards, Anna has recd. from the govt. – [1] Giants Intl. Award (2000) from Vilasrao Deshmukh [2] Padmabhusan (1992), from R. Venkataraman [3] Padmabhusan (1990) from R. Venkataraman [4] Indira Priyadarshini Vriksha Mitra, GoI, (1986) from Rajiv Gandhi [5] Krishi Bhushan, GoMah, (1989), from Shankar Rao Chavan ## Then there are many awards, which are given to “one’s own” thru indirect channels constituted of a plethora of “social orgs” and “international orgs”.
07 Apr 2011
It appears that the person who has drafted the letter of Anna Hazare to the PM, has inadvertently shown his true colours and for whom he is working. Why should otherwise the role of NAC should have been brought out in the letter? It appears that NAC wants to show that it is for the bill while it is the PM who is opposed to it. By this it exposed Anna Hazare’s role in the whole episode. But the question is even assuming the bill as formulated by the group is accepted, will Parliament pass it as it is? Moreover even if it is passed , will it ensure the eracdition of corruption? Can corruption be removed only by passing the law? We have got the example of prohibiton in the then Bombay state. It only taught the police and the connected departments corruption instead of enforcing prohibition.
07 Apr 2011
Pl have the content and its lofty outcome seperated from the extraneous factors/considerations.Researchless/evidenceless insinuations and commendations are meaningless. Pl learn to live in a totally different world where change is on roller coaster and avoid talking of static methods .For extraordinary cases/situations extraordinary solutions/remedies come up historically.Or else cave life would still be the norm. The passion of the author could be respected only in writing a meaningless racy piece as it could be consigned to the dustbin of History and be given no importance any whatsoever.She and her like are truly out of sync with the ground realities.Completely,unless its been done for a consideration. Surprisingly wholly irreleven issues are getting mixed up with the issue on hand: some form of civil society’s participation in drafting the Lok Pal Bill(nothing else) where trust deficit exists w r t poitical pesonna of all hues(who have wantonly been keeping the Corrpyion-killing Bill at bay for 4 decades) thats been the long held VITAL need of the country for it to regain its pristine glory. Wild suspicions/insinuations about “foreign hand” be better be banished from the minds of one and all.
s p mathur
07 Apr 2011
What a disappointing article…Anna Hazare was on the same platform as Baba Ramdev and Baba Ramdev has given his support for Anna Hazare’s fast. Looking for conspiracy everywhere and judging folks because they wear a white cap is very unbecoming. People are fed up of corruption in society…you write and analyse about it but after 42 years if Anna Hazare demands that civil society be allowed to participate in transparently drafting the Jan Lok Pal bill why so much venom in opposing it? Hidden agendas? My God, please give us a break…Kiran Bedi is not a fool…neither is Baba Ramdev and a host of others lending support. Of course there will be opportunists like Agnivesh but that is to be expected. If the call to the people to take up a cause is honest it will appeal to them and become a movement. At least, it will give them an opportunity to voice their anger…all to good effect. Join him and give him advice but please don’t attack him in your articles. It is painful to read.
Sujata Srinath
07 Apr 2011
Dear friends, Now that Anna Hazare has revealed that he is truly batting for Sonia Gandhi and the unelected NAC to be the Uber Government of India, I have just three challenges to him and his team to show that they are serious about the issue of corruption that they are championing (or so they claim):- [1] Now that he is in Delhi and fasting before the nation, indeed the world – will he kindly demand on enquiry into the rising financial profile and corporate deals of Mr Robert Vadra, who is in the news for this mysterious ascent? [2] Will he similarly make a test case for the rise and rise of financial acumen of Mrs Supriya Sule and her marital family? [3] Will Anna himself submit an audit about his public achievements? Here I would like to tell those who don’t know that Anna Hazare owes his fame to the work he did in rainwater harvesting in his village, Ralegaon Sidhi, Ahmednagar district, Maharashtra. He was then massively built up by the nascent NGO industry which has since successfully latched on to Govt Funds for everything, though under development remains the name of the game… The state govt them gave massive funds to take the campaign ahead – and some villages did benefit by sincerely doing their own work in this regard. But what about Anna and his direct work – how many villages did he take up and what is the success rate? Has water shortage ended in rural Maharashtra? Why are there farmer suicides? These questions must be answered professionally and moral indignation does not work here, specifics do. Warm regards
Sandhya Jain
07 Apr 2011
Some of my friends have been debating this very issue. Sandhya ji has come out with her incisive paper. The “unseen hand” is everywhere. Has any major newspaper raised these issues in recent past? In fact this is the first time I am reading an analysis that acknowledges the insidious role played by NGOs. This has been the Rockefeller agenda: supremacy of corporations, illegitimate primacy to this supre corporations called NGOs [especially those funded by Islamic Relief, Fundamentalist Christian Organisations (who fund both Dalit and Tribal NGOs)], undermining national sovereignty and Constitutional Governments. You see how legitimate social workers get life term, and a pseudo social worker goes scot free, the latter despite making overtly seditious statement? Such is the “hand” that protects and promotes some, and destroys others.
07 Apr 2011
Corruption is one among many issues. It needs to be fought. Poverty, hunger. unemployment, illiteracy, health, food & drinking water, genetic contamination, nuclear radiation, the rural-urban divide, farm suicides, Adivasi genocide etc are also serious issues. But middle class warriors are nowhere to be seen for these battles. I beg to disagree with many points in Sandhya’s piece. The biggest joke from the article: “I would have had faith in the Anna Hazare fast if he had made action on the Shunglu Committee the pivot of his crusade and fast in Delhi, and not made the personally honest Prime Minister the target of his rage”. Unquote: This Singh, the Choron ka Sardar, has been worshiped as our Talisman since 1991. There are still takers. I pity you Sandhya.
07 Apr 2011
Anna Hazare is surrounded Marxist-Missionary-NGO elements. The noise raised by him are meant to protect vested interests.His fast does not affect me.Yes, Im equally keen to know the answers to the questions you have raised.Nice story.Thanks.
Kuna Mohanty
07 Apr 2011
Can anyone confirm if Anna Hazare is Christian? Then several questions will be answered.
Nareshchand Tiwari
07 Apr 2011
Sandhya, points 1 and 2 are well taken. For the time being let the ones relating to Anna H himself be for the time. We want to benefit from what he has achieved in Delhi. Don’t give ammunition to government wallahs or opponents. Some good may come out of the happenings at Jantar Mantar provided that they do not go off course.
07 Apr 2011
Many supporters of the Draft Jan Lok Pal Bill are quick to drop Hong Kong as a reference. This is invalid because the Hong Kong Ombudsman has 1) no powers of prosecution 2) only produces a report and submits to the Chief Executive (like our PM) 3) is appointed by politicians. The first thing I did after being confronted with the Hong Kong Ombudsman parallel was to read the whole Hong Kong Ombudsman act. I suspected a bluff. I simply could not believe that other countries could allow civil society nominees to actually initiate prosecution against citizens. I was right.
07 Apr 2011
If this is true, then we are being sold snake oil. The agitators want access to power without neccesarily going thru the electoral process. After all they represent the “civil society”. Obbiously, this snake oil will not turn into reality. But the proposed bill, as it stands, reflects the mindset of agitators. The agitation seems to be nothing but a ruse to grab power thru extra-constitutional means. ## By the way, despite all the huff and puff, where is the “civil society” protesting. If you see the video footage on TV carefully, there are not many people actually attending these rallies.
07 Apr 2011
I personally feel that laws with whatever intentions will always be used by powerful people to control the powerless and weak. So lokpal bill is not going to make much difference. Indian tradition has very long history of local governments with social, economic, and dharmic pressures for people to behave and act honestly, responsibly, and dutifully. That alternative is not being created, presented, or promoted. Nevertheless, this act of Anna Hazare or that storm of Baba Ramdev can act as catalyst. People should try to carry the torch to the next level, as it happened in Tunisia where one man’s struggle for his problem became the struggle of the whole nation. I think acceptance of the government to have civil society play a role in drafting a bill is huge surrender on its part, and must be exploited to get a distributed government where dharmic concepts can be used to bring harmony and prosperity in people. Criticizing Hazare serves no one, but accepting him as the end all will be more dangerous for the future progess.
07 Apr 2011
[1] It appears that there is a sinister conspiracy behind Anna Hazare movement which he himself might not be aware, as the so called Swamy Agnivesh is a dubious character found at controversial situations like support for Maoists, helping the Christian Missionaries to penetrate the forests infested with Naxals and Maoists, sharing platforms with dubious NGO-s for getting the indicted Dr. Sen released by international pressure, and he is a trouble shooter working for Sonia Gandhi, what Digvijay Singh does openly. [2] Similarly Medha Patkar grew up battling against the Narmada Dam, first in the name of environmental aspect, and later about the displacement of tribals even after all affected were resettled. The sources of her funding were dubious under benami characters and Dr.Saxean of Ahmedabad has filed cases against her for fraud, getting undeclared funds from questionable sources..etc. She too joined Anna Bandwagon and obviously there is a surreptitious move to show to the World that Sonia Gandhi is the real person fighting corruption in public life and supports Anna Hazare’s movement through NAC, whereas the PM and Cabinet are sumberged in megascams and they could be sidelined. [3] There are very many lacunae in the draft proposals that need serious study. While Hong Kong has a disciplined Society, the final decisions are all made by Beijing, and this cannot be applied to India. Would India could execute its Vice President of Congress for business irregularities, parallel to the Mayor of Shanghai holding a high status was tried and executed within a month of discovery of his pharma industry exporting adulterated fake drugs? The existing Govermental set-up could work well under proper guidelines and non-interference in their duties. Have exemplory personnel posted in key positions for CBI, CVC, CAG, Supreme/High Court Judges only on merit and past records of integrity, and make these bodies autonomous answerable only to the Ombudsman- single or a group of retired citizens/ bureaucrats/ judges acceptable to the people. Intelligence is the crux of successful working of a Govt. and reports from this source should be given importance to nip the scams in the bud, rather than allowing it to go to monstrous levels and deal with them.
07 Apr 2011
Jean Dreze, a Belgian scholar was instrumental in having the King Leopold Order conferred on Sonia Gandhi. The NAC, which is a government above the government is headed by none other than Sonia. This looks like an attempt to preempt the Supreme Court and Subrahmanian Swamy. The half-senile Anna Hazare, well into dotage, is a useful idiot. Just read his letter. Who wrote it? Not Anna who barely speaks English. It is stylish and the work of a legal expert.
07 Apr 2011

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39 Responses to Anna Hazare is a Congress plant. Beware!

  1. S.Raguraman says:

    Before reading Ms. Sandhyaji’s article, I did not have any suspicion about Anna Hazare’s intentions, though I felt that ‘fasting to death’ cannot achieve anything against our hard-core criminally bent politicians. In comparison to our current politicans the white rulers were gentlemen and it used to be said and it is true also that Gandhi’s hunger-strikes would not have worked against a country like Germany or China. Now, the article has left me confused – especially on how Anna’s action will help the Govt. or the Congress. Can anybody or the author herself can clarify?

  2. Santosh says:

    I am also confused with this article, I sent an email to Dr Subramanian Swamy with the link to this article may be he can throw some light.

  3. Santosh says:

    I have been following Dr Swamy’s twitter messages and Anna Hazare appears to be clean.

    So Admin, please verify on this article as this is leading to confusion.

  4. Santosh says:

    I got an article with Dr. Swamy supporting Anna Hazare, I have put my faith in Dr Swamy.

  5. USINPAC says:

    The Indian government needs to take due cognizance of the increasing cases of corruption in India, and talk to people like Anna Hazare about potential solutions for it.

  6. Dr. Onkar Mittal says:

    First of all, congratulations for writing some reflective pieces on this important issue.

    If we want to discuss the substance of the matter, we need to ask why nobody has asked for bringing World Bank, UN agencies, other international donor development agencies and International NGOs under the purview of this bill? May be they are too naive to know about this very important dimension. If, so, do they have a right to say anything?

    Secondly, there may be some legitimacy in a mass movement, if it is raising a specific demand and asking the government to accept it. The whole issue seems to be about the modalities of drafting the bill and not on the substantial issues about what the Jan Lokpal Bill should contain. True there are said to be differences in the two bills but why should the civil society demand to be part of the drafting committee, instead of demanding to be the part of the drafting committee? Is it not a proof enough that the whole show has been set up?

    Last but not the least, the whole thing is about demanding punishment and not about preventive steps. A major corruption in India today is in implementation of the Anti-poverty schemes by the government and PRI functionaries. The real underlying issue is not really corruption but the wrong planning and conceptualization of the schemes which leads to lack of utilization and wastage. This issue has been totally ignored.

    Dr. Onkar MIttal

  7. Yogesh says:

    What a foolish thinking some self proclaimed fools could have! this is an example. some fool is saying without any logic (and there have sprung up many such idiots who copy data from internet on cheap newspapers and get their livelihoods) that Anna is a fraud and his campaign has ulterior motives. Another fool is arguing that why other’s fight against corruption is not being highlighted so much by media. Let us now have some logical argument. You say…the Lokpal body will overrule ultimate governing bodies. Do you know that Lokpal will be a body to take actions against corruption and not for bringing new legislations or ruling the country? If it seems harmful to the nation, our Parliament can make it null and void again by bringing another legislation. Actually these fools are spreading such bad rumors because they are being paid by corrupt people who do not want Lokpal bill. We Indians have handled Indira also in the past and we know how to handle Lokpal if it malfunctions. We dont need corrupt fools to write down unconstitutional words against someone and misguide us. Why it gives you stomachache if Anna’s fight against corruption is being highlighted? You can argue the same even if somebody’s else fight was highlighted. So what? Shall media keep quiet because they have not highlighted somebody’s else actions?!!!! I cant get u. Stop spreading your foolish arguments. People of India, understand the motives of these people who write such nonsense. Dont stop before Lokpal legislation. We want to throw out all corrupts like Sharad Pawar, Pramod Mahajan, A. Raja, Kalmadi and many others and punish them severely.

    • janamejayan says:

      It is true that Sonia and her coterie that includes Karunanidhi & co have misused the power to steal and stash the money abroad in a way that has set a world record in this terrible crime. In order to do this Sonia and her mafia had created chamchagiri of media and politicians who surpassed all Goebbals in the world put together. They have rigged the elections with hitech hijack, shamelessly and blatantly bought parlimentarians with huge cash and so forth.

      Dr. Swamy was the only non-corrupt politicians who eked a living by the dint of his own vidhya and everyone in his family i.e. his wife, his two daughters and his sons in laws are very highly educated and live by their education and not by stealing from others as the Congressmen and the DMK do. His wife and Children, like him are holding doctorates not those ‘conferred’ for free on Sonia and Karunanidhi but by dint of hard work. He, his older daughter and her husband are all professors at Harward. His younger daughter and son-in-law are also highly educated but in media and other fields. Dr.Swamy is an exception in many ways for he is the only non-corrupt politician so he holds no power and other corrupt politicians hate him. Dr. Swamy is the only surviving Brahmin politicians in a sea of non-Brahminism practiced in Tamilnadu that includes JJ.

      He single-handedly thwarted the DMK from blowing up our most sacred Ramasethu. He pioneered the fight against corruption and by his sheer, fearless and relentless crusade corruption minister Raja had to quit and soon was arrested. And because of Dr. Swamy the people’s conciousness that this regime is of Himalayan corruption that uses Gandhi Nehru name has come to take hold. Dr.Swamy and the Supreme Court of India are our only hope to bring this sonia’s mafia accountable.

      Yet Jayalalitha is stealing on this brave fight of this single Parasurama against the hoards of viciously corrupt people to come to power. At the centre Anna Hazare had been set up by the Congressmen to divert attention from sending to jail all these corrupt politicians from Sonia onwards and from recovering their stashed away loot. What they want is to make a law for the future condoning all the past so these corrupt criminals can escape with their hoard.

      Yet, yes this is a very big YET, that the Congressmen may not succeed and Anna Hazare plot may recoil on them for their crime is so huge and the people’s anger is breaking out like a volcano. Actually the younger people are getting into the action and these youngsters are, unlike the previous generations, are educated and have vision of their future.

      Lot of people have extended support to Anna Hazare that includes Dr.Swamy. It is because of their firm belief that the Congressmen may not succeed in using Anna Hazare for their own criminal pursuit.

      In fact people like Swamy Ramdev who organized a million people against corruption right at Delhi where he allowed the only one politician to speak namely Dr.Subramanian Swamy, was also there at the site of Hazare’s fast to exort people to go after people who have stolen people’s wealth. Now it is not going to be easy for the Congress to use Anna Hazare to change the direction of the movement.

      As for Anna Hazare I am reminded of a thief who seeing that people could catch him, donned an ocre robe and sat under a tree looking like doing thapas. Soon people took him to be a real thapasvi and started worshipping him. The thief soon realized that he could no longer ‘escape’ which was his original idea. So he just stayed there as a thapasvi for ever! These stories are there in our puranas!!

      And Mr.Yogesh, next time you post your comment in this tone and tenor it will not get to see the light of the day if the purpose seem to be demeaning and discourteous. Hope you realise your mistake and feel ashamed of what you wrote.


  8. peter says:

    well..from what i’ve seen it looks like sort of hype which is use to divert the people’s attention from the world cup fiasco which most of the people thinks is FIXED!!..
    it is some kind of diversion..!!
    the whole world cup was fixed in India’s favor including the finals..
    it was clearly visible how Srilankan bowlers were bowling and their body language..
    is that Murlidharan’s bowling??..
    it was fully fixed in India’s Favor just to make the IPL hit..
    it was whole pre-planned..
    all those SMS’s which were circulating before match started about their final score

    and about the Anna’s movement!!..
    do you really think that by passing this so called LOKPAL bill will change anything in future??..
    this politicians are so smart that they by one way or the other will find a way!!
    so many bills got passed and went..but nothing happened to this politicians..
    this is just a hype of a political will see in future!!..

    public is just getting fooled by this fraud politicians..
    instead of thinking from their own perspective they are implementing on somebody’s saying..!!!
    and it is true INDIANS are biggest fools..
    they will still be getting fools by this politicians and this FAKE BABA’s ..

    Anna hazare is saying that he will not enter politics..then how the hell he will be able to change the face of corruption??
    to clean the gutter the one must enter it..

    everybody is involved in this!! right from politicians to news channels..
    its very easy in India to change the views of the public..cause they don’t have their brains to think!!..
    please Indians Wake up..
    i am myself a Indian too..and i shame on us our public believes in this kind of things…

    people are cheering now and all that..
    but i am damn sure that this Bill won’t even change a hair of this politicians..

    Jaago India Jaago..
    Don’t Believe on this Politicians..

  9. FL says:

    Christians support Hazare’s anti-graft campaign!
    Christians are among thousands of people in some 200 cities across India supporting a Hindu activist’s campaign for a law to fight corruption.

    Kisan Baburao Hazare, popularly known as Anna Hazare, 72, yesterday started a “fast unto death” in New Delhi to press for such a bill.

    Some 3,000 people, including scores of Catholic priests and nuns, sat with him at Jantar Mantar, a downtown venue for public protest.

    Hazare wants the government to enact a bill that gives wider powers to an ombudsman to fight corruption.

    Archbishop Vincent Concessao of Delhi and Jesuit activist Father Cedrick Prakash were among those at the Jantar Mantar yesterday.

    Father Prakash said he supported Hazare’s campaign because he believes it is the right of every Christian to fight corruption and support those involved in fighting corruption.

    “Unless Christians take the lead to fight corruption, they have no right to be called disciples of Christ,” he said.

    “We want equal numbers of representatives from both civil and government sides” in the anti-graft body, Hazare, a bachelor who began his campaign for a clean society 20 years ago, told the gathering.

    The “India Against Corruption” movement launched by social and religious leaders, including Archbishop Concessao, has supported Hazare’s campaign.

    The movement has drafted the Jan Lokpal Bill (citizen’s ombudsman bill) to create an effective federal system to check corruption, redress grievances and protect whistle-blowers.

    Hazare’s campaign comes in the backdrop a series of corruption charges against various government agencies involving billions of rupees.

    “I have to take this extreme step because the law makers have become law breakers,” explained Hazare, a Magsaysay award winner.

    He urged people to fast for a couple of days with him “for a better and corruption free India.” He also asked them to pray for the success of the campaign.

    “Remain peaceful and have courage to go to jail, if required, in this next freedom movement,” he told his supporters.

    But the congress party which heads the federal coalition has accused Hazare of acting at the behest of Hindu fundamentalist groups.

  10. Hold on …. Doesn’t it all looks like a popular Hindi movie. The hero makes an dramatic entry, sits on a hunger strike, people come and join them, the villains politicians ran away. Minister resigned within hours. Selected medias did full coverage with live telecast. Govt gave-in within 5 days and Hero gave the credit to public and joins govt…….!/notes/smruti-ranjan-sarangi/anna-hazare-too-good-to-be-true/10150221309340482

  11. Rajeev Manikoth says:

    The author seems to exhibit an intellectual deficit.

    SJ “and neither he nor any of his allies is a grassroots mass leader – to despise and distrust politicians and bureaucrats as a class when these are the constitutional pillars of State.”

    Her basic premise itself is flawed. While the constitution might state this reality is a far cry from this. The arrogance of the congress “elected” representatives that citizens have no role in defining the country’s future and are non-entities is a good indicator of what our democracy really means. An illusionary one where the people really have no say.

    The biggest victory in this is to bring the equation of a voice to the people.

    SJ ” I would have had faith in the Anna Hazare fast if he had made action on the Shunglu Committee the pivot of his crusade and fast in Delhi, and not made the personally honest Prime Minister the target of his rage.”

    “Your faith”? and you are ??

    Anna hazare has been battling this for a long time. The Shunglu Committee is a recent body set up to look into the CWG.

    The real angst here I think is the inability to accept the fact that an individual from the hinterland could garner such massive country wide support.

    The real battle against graft ( Though such a legal instrument as the Lokpal is required – which incidentally will go through many variations and due processes – as it should ) is when people will take a stand to stop paying even a rupee for personal benefits or accrue benefits.

    Journalists included.

    SJ “… But what about Anna and his direct work – how many villages did he take up and what is the success rate? Has water shortage ended in rural Maharashtra? Why are there farmer suicides? These questions must be answered professionally and moral indignation does not work here, specifics do.”

    The problem with us is that we are always expecting that somebody else should do all the work for the rest of us. Hazare did tremendous work for his village Ralegaon Siddhi and completely transformed it for his community. And he earned his due for that. The fact that various other organisations and people wanted to replicate it is something else.

    Maybe we should all get to do something that will change things around us for our immediate communities … far better than intellectual discourses from the periphery.

    And get our “elected” representatives to report every couple of weeks to the electorate on how they are serving the people who put them there. Now that should probably make them “constitutional pillars” again.

    Rajeev Manikoth

  12. peter says:

    see..i was very right..
    the internal conflicts are started as to who will be the leader between Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare..
    all this is part of Political Movements and their future in politics..
    they wanted some hype which will make them popular amongst public..
    people are getting fooled by this cameo..!!
    i don’t even think that this Lokpal bill will even change anything..
    many bills got passed and went..but nothing happened to this politicians..
    this politicians are so smart that they by one way or the other will find a way to escape!!

  13. krishna says:

    Resurrection of Gandhi in British Raj style should in first place should have been suspect,a Gandhiwadi will never harm congress interests even if he or she dies fasting.Anna has hijacked with certain coterie and few english speaking Cocktail waving party animals of page three news.The Ramdevs and Jethmalania stand shocked,same happened hen Mahatam Gandhi came from S Africa.Now will start the fun,all and any coming in way of Anna will be hounded by Brit mentality Dynasty and Bureaucrats with help of Media and Police State till they are forced to vanish from the scene.The parallel between Gandhi 1 and 2 are very similar ,the twain from hereafter shall never meet. Jai Hind remember where abouts of greatest of Mankind who gave this slogan is yet not known and will never be.

  14. adrish says:

    Anna is a sanctimonious fraud….why ? because anytime the UNIFORM CIVIL CODE, which puts all Indians on equal footing has come up he has hidden in the shadows !!!! Will he fast for that ??? nooooo….no tamasha in in, and not a part of any party agenda….this guy is a agitator for the sake of agitation.

  15. adrish says:

    where was anna for uniform cvil code ????? where ???? conveniently hiding

  16. krishna says:

    They have declared their expenditure and the source of funds for their drama,they also were provided money by Jindal Aluminium,how this Hazardous took money from Jindals who are affiliated to congress and their top Boss is a minister at center,the skeletons will tumble out slowly,this all has happened because the agitation went too fast but was compromised too early.They can not hide this charade in name of Gandhi for long,there are other parties also and we are not ruled by British,if congress thinks that just one Individual white Master can fool the people they are mistaken,in the bargain the credibility and reputation of Hazardous will vanish like whirling wind.

  17. somaz says:

    very good .. always known him to be a congress apologist .. now his trip to gujarat confirms it

  18. Anuj says:

    janamejayan – you are over-analyzing the situation. Anna is simply the voice of a frustrated, ‘had enough’ India. And his protest is completely non-violent – to the extent that he rebuked Baba Ramdev’s threat to ‘launch an attack army’ of 10,000 men….
    Instead of finding these loopholes, try and support what is a turning point in India’s history. This is not Anna’s struggle – this is every Indian’s struggle.

    • janamejayan says:

      Dear Anuj,

      Actually you are too simplistic and grazing just the tip of the grass. First you have to think as to what did Anna Hazare’s fast achieve. The Govt. included them (Hazare & co)as a partners in the drafting of a Lokpal bill. The government then attacked Anna Hazare’s group through the paid press as a extra-constitutional blackmail group. Baba Ramdev was not convinced of this shadow-boxing between Hazare and the Congress and was to embark on his fast unto death on June 04. The Govt. knew that he is not Anna Hazare to be easily manipulated and so they first tried to appease and then threaten him at the Delhi airport. When Babaji did embark on his fast the government launched the most heinous ‘Janianwallabagh’ attack in the middle of the night on thousands of peaceful protesters. Anna Hazare was forced to protest it with one day fast and issued statements. The Govt. didn’t find any more use of Anna’s group as the focus on corruption and govt.’s highhandedness in dealing with protesters continue to be alive and kicking more so from the fact that the fasting sadhu and his followers were attacked mercilessly in the middle of the night of all the places at “Ramlila” Grounds. In order to teach Anna Hazare for not falling in line when the Govt so much needed him against Baba Ramdev the government unilaterally released the draft lokpal bill depriving Anna Hazare’s group of any further role. Hurt Anna Hazare is talking of relaunching his fast on the 16th August that is a bit far away yet Baba Ramdev is telling him that if Anna is serious then he should include him also in the fast. Acting alone Anna Hazare can break the fast on any pretext but he can’t do that if Baba is also going to sit with him! Anyway please read my earlier posting by clicking on the following:
      Anna Hazare: Sonia Gandhi’s civilian coup d’état?

  19. ag says:

    put sonia and her mafia including many state ministers -such as goa who have her blessings in jail

  20. anand says:

    Mulayam singh berojgari bhatta , kanya dhan Result failed
    Mayawati parks,houses for poor etc. Result failed
    Other leader cycle ,t.v. ,rice etc Result failed
    Congress rozgaar guaranty , uid ,removal of subsidy etc Result failed
    Baba ramdev about black money Result failed
    Anna & team about lokpaal Result failed
    Other program Result failed
    ANNA aur unki team bhrastachar mitana chahti hai ki logo ko bhadka ke grih yuddh jaisi sitithi la
    kar desh ko asthir karna chahati hai. Aur kiske ishare par ?
    phale poori baat to samjho anna ji .

    20 years back I made a project ( plan ) how to remove corruption poverty terrorist Etc . I told
    many people about this project but I never said any thing about what is the Way, how it will
    work & key points but outcome of project or result I discussed a lot . above persons or party
    catch the result and processes they derived their own And failure are results .

    my project is used by all partys ,leaders & persons but they used it as our child hood story “sky is falling”
    all are started running with saying “sky is falling”


    Desh hi agar nahi raha ya asithir ho gaya toh kya anna aur unki team iski kisi tarah ki koi jimeddari legi.
    Anna aur unki team mere project ke jis bhaag ko lokpaal samajh rahi hai waisa wo hai hi nahi
    pahale anna team samajh to le ki woh hai kya.

    kathit roop se unka jan lokpaal mere project ke ek bhag ka tuta foota aur ghinauna roop hai anna aur unki team bhi
    “sky is falling “chilate hue bhag rahi hai . mere project mein kahi bhi sarkar se koi virodh nahi hai ,na hi lokpaal jaisi koi samanantar sarkar. pahle samjho to bhai ……..bas mauka mila logo ko batane lage.pahle khud to samjho.

    anna ji mudda bhrastachar hatana hai ki apni jid (JO KI AAP KI HAI HI NAHI JISK GALAT ROOP AAP DESH KO SAMJHARAHE HAI )puri karwana . mudda desh ka bhala hai ki desh ko todna.
    ramdev ki sabha ki tarah log marre jayenge to woh kiski jimmedari hogi ?

    na sarkar se ladna hai na hi desh ko asthir karna .itni muskil se mili azzadi aur 60 saal se jayda ke up & downs ke baad hum yaha tak pahuche hai . kya hum pakistan ban jayyenge.

    mera yeh project lagbhag 20 saal purana hai har neta aur party ne apne suvidha
    se tod marod kar iska upyog apne fayde ke liye kiya .aaj anna bhi wohi kar rahe hai , anna ya unki team ko pata kya hai is project ke baare mein.
    .lekin main pichle 20 saal se logo ko kewel letter likh raha hoo ya e- mail kar raha ho iska koi response aaye ya na aye.kai logo aur dal ne hume bhi is tarah ki salaah di lekin maine kabhi es tarah ki koi harkat nahi ki .anna ji aur unki team bahoot achhi hai mai unki ijjat bhi karta hoon ,lekin desh se badh kar kya ho sakta hai .

    Now congress is ready to remove subsidy from common man’s basics lpg Kerosine ,fertilizer
    etc. anna and his team ready to fight govt. For lokpaal.
    Now limit has crossed we are very close to civil war like situation.
    Project (plan) which I made to remove problems is creating problem because they never know
    the right plan . In my plan lokpaal is not there that is some thing diffrent which is within the
    constitution . In my plan subsidy is removed but price of lpg, kerosine ,fertilizer diesel ,petrol
    is reduced.
    Now I want to tell country about my project(plan) in front of anna team , mulayam ,Mayawati
    congress etc & ready to reply them . Let them ask me question full day but they should
    understand my project .
    I also request you all to please help me to avoid this civil war like situation & let country understand my project ,plan.
    07800751875 (Lucknow)

  21. Arjun Sinha says:

    Dear janamejayan , its not anna’s struggle.. Its the struggle against corruption. You could have understood that people are not supporting Anna, but supporting the fight against corruption.

    I know you will delete my coment, but still, I want you to read this once.

  22. janamejayan says:

    Dear Arjun,

    Perception and reality are most usually different. Perception-wise you are right.

    The rising middle class people are more concerned about the money they have to part to the politicians and the bureaucrats than the money stolen in thousands of crores and stashed away in foreign lands by ruling junta led by the foreigner’s mafia.

    Anna has caught up with the imagination of this middle class. In my calculations Anna and the UPA would in the next two weeks come to agree to make the bureaucracy corrupt-free and accountable but would leave the politicians in tact. I do not believe for a moment that the politicians would agree to anything that would hurt them even remotely.

    Dr. Swamy’s and Baba Ramdev’s struggles are against corruption by the politicians who are looting the country and siphoning off the money in foreign countries. This is the most serious crime.

    In any case if Anna’s struggle bears any fruit we all welcome it but we should be vigilant that Anna and the Congress call each other Bhai-Bhai and try to steal the next election to continue looting our country.


  23. akansha says:

    guys gather your b…. n have some guts to do something for the nation rather then framing studit ideas…bunch of losers you are

  24. Siva Kumar says:

    Somewhat the awareness has set in….he has bell the cat…..lets hope for the best…

  25. kukkumol says:

    The movement of Anna hazare against the corruption is become a landmark and gives the challenge to political parties that if you are not succeed then public will take a lead to resolve all issues, this whole movement has given complete unrest to all political leaders and realized that Anna is doing the same work which should taken up by us. we salute to Anna and team for their all efforts to make this movement success

  26. James Holbrooke says:

    Why are conspiracy theories all over the place? Food for thought!

  27. Nasibh says:

    only fraudsters get media attention, so Anna Hazare should be one of them

  28. Nasibh says:

    how can an individual above 70+ could be starving for 10* days?!!!!!

  29. Gangothri Gangooly says:

    Anna Hazare is a stooge of Congress-I. Anna is the very personal agent of Antonia Maino Non-Gandhi. Anna Hazare’s main target is the opposition and Sonia’s corruption is sacred sacrifice for this bastard in Gandhi’s cap? All the poisonous Anti-India and Anti-Hindu Western Media stage-manages his activities with the divine blessings of the foreign empress. Anna sucks Anna fu-ks.

    • S. Subba Rao says:

      I agree with you Gangooly. Anna is a Congress-I fraud on gullible public.

      • Biswas Ranadive says:

        I agree with both Gangooly and Subba Rao. Anna Hazare is a big fraud on our innocent citizenry. It is like a Desi Movie with the Story, Script, Screen-play, Lyrics, Music, Direction and Production done single-handedly by the Italian Sonia Maino while Anna Hazare and his wretched gang just gang-banged the gullible Indian public as mere puppets as instructed by Antonia Maino. It is documentary on the sad state of our Comstitution, State, Polity and the democratic process.

  30. Amit says:

    All the assumptions by the blogger are trashed with time..

    • janamejayan says:

      Or, Amit, you would change your opinion in time! How’s that?

    • Elite Vs Commoner says:

      Amit! Where is this hoax-fraud-hocus-pocus Anna and his team now? They are canvassing for Sonia and Rahul in Amethi and Rai Bareilli now in the name of organising public opinion. The result would be purplexing for all the innocent blind supporters like you in time. It may take ten more years for you. By then Rahul would be directly looting India as the Prime Minister.

  31. Vipin Nayyar says:

    I was a volunteer at Ramlila Maidan, and donated money to Arvind Kejriwal for fighting against corruption. I came close to Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal only to realize that they are puppets of congress. The whole movement was congress sponsored. On 15th Oct 2011 I sat on dharna at Kejriwal’s house. I went to Ralegan Siddhi to hear from the villagers that Anna is a criminal. There is no crime which you can imagine, that Anna has not done. He is the master of the criminals. He takes glucose liquid diet and Electrol during his fasts.

    Press Release 25-12-2011 (By Vipin Nayyar, Volunteer India Against Corruption, 9910105082)

    1) अन्ना हज़ारे सत्ता एवम् राजनीतिक ताक़त का केंद्रीकरण करने वाली कांग्रेस दवारा रची गयी एक गहरी साज़िश का मोहरा मात्र हैं. लोकपाल बिल भारत के लोकतंत्र पर एक तानाशाही व्यवस्था का प्रबल आघात है. वास्तव में भ्रष्टाचार बढ़ने वाला यह बिल भारत में अराजकता लेकर आएगा. सत्ता पर विराजमान लोग लोकायुक्त द्वारा लोकतंत्र में भ्रष्टाचार के खिलाफ आवाज़ उठाने वाले विपक्ष एवं जन साधारण पर एक कहर बनकर टूटेगें. असीमित ताकतों के साथ लोकायुक्त व्यापक दायरे पर भ्रष्टाचार बढ़ाने वाली एक संस्था है. करोड़ो रुपये की विदेशी मद्दद से अरविंद केजरीवाल जैसे कॉंग्रेस के एजेंट भारत में आर्थिक अस्थिरता फैला कर एवं भारत के लोकतंत्र को विदेशी ताकतों के हाथों एक कठपुतली बनाना चाहते हैं.

    2) अन्ना हज़ारे जैसे कॉंग्रेस के एजेंट अनशन का व्यापारिकरण कर जनभावनाओं के साथ खेलते हुए भारत की जनता के चंदे से हमारे देश के लिए एक तानाशाह व्यवस्था को जन्म देना चाहते हैं. ना तो जनलोक पल बिल बनाने की प्रक्रिया लोकतांत्रिक थी,और ना ही चार आदमियों द्वारा तानाशाह तरीके से तैयार कोर कमेटी 120 करोड़ भारतीयों का प्रतिनिधित्व करती है. यह लोग केवल तानाशाह हैं और भारत के लोकतंत्र के लिए एक भस्मासुर रूपी लोकपाल बिल को लाकर लोकतंत्र का गला घोटने की साजिस का हिस्सा हैं

    3) हम सरकारी लोकपाल एवं जनलोकपाल का विरोध करते हैं. लोकपाल बिल हमारे संविधान के खिलाफ है.

  32. Pandu RV Kuchibhotla says:

    Anna Hazare and Co., have now proved to be agents of Sonia Maino. They are going to start a mock political outfit now and run it until 2014 General Elections so as to help Sonia Dookaan to gain power for a third time. Then they will disappear saying “people voted against us – what can we do now”?

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