Historic rally in Delhi against corruption and black money

by Dr. S.Kalyanaraman 

Crusade against corruption will continue-Baba Ramdev
By Pramod Kumar

CONTINUING his tirade against corruption and black money stashed in foreign banks, Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev alleged that Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh is heading the most corrupt government since Independence. Addressing a historic rally organised at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi on February 27 under the banner of Bharat Swabhiman Trust, he made it clear that he is not fighting against any party, person or family rather he is fighting against corrupt system, black marketeers and tax evaders and his crusade will continue in all circumstances. “My aim is to see a disease and corruption-free nation with the help of Yoga,” he said.

Apart from the representatives of over a hundred NGOs, noted activist Anna Hazare, former IPS Kiran Bedi, RTI activist Arvind Kejriwal, BJP MP Ram Jethmalani, Swadeshi thinker and ideologue KN Govindacharya, former Union Law Minister and Janata Party president Dr Subramanian Swamy, noted Kathavachak Vijay Kaushal Maharaj, VHP vice president Omprakash Singhal, Acharya Govinddev Giri Maharaj, Maulana Maksood Hasan Kazmi of All India Ulema Council and former Income Tax Commissioner Vishwa Bandhu Gupta also addressed the rally, which marked the martyrdom day of Saheed Chandra Shekhar Azad and the birthday of Swami Dayananda Saraswati.

Addressing the gathering of over 50,000 people, Baba Ramdev said Indian nationals have around Rs 400 lakh crore in black money, out of which Rs 300 lakh crore are stashed in banks abroad. Pointing his guns on Congress leader Digvijay Singh who questioned the activities of his trusts, the Yoga Guru said, “Let me tell those Rajas (Digvijay Singh) who threaten me with government’s power that this mass of humanity is all genuine and not a hired lot like they get. It is just a trailer. You will see the sea of people at Jantar Mantar on April 5 when a hunger strike will be organised under the leadership of Shri Anna Hazare.”

Baba also questioned the arrogance of the ruling Congress party for siding with the man who called him a ‘bloody Indian’. “I want to know from the Congress why almost all schemes and initiatives in the country are named after one family only? They may have contributed to the nation but are there no other heroes, great leaders or individuals in the country. If they will ignore our concerns, we will bring at least 10 lakh people to Delhi on March 23,” he warned.

Accusing the UPA government of being evasive on the question of black money he sought to know why India has still not ratified the United Nations Convention against corruption when 126 countries have already done so. He demanded the government to reveal the source and amount of black money stashed in Swiss banks. He said he would continue his crusade against corruption and asked citizens to join the movement. According to him, this money has been accumulated because of illegal mining, bribe-taking, tax evasion and so on. He disclosed that Rs 400 lakh crore have been spirited away to foreign banks by “corrupt and the dishonest”. If the money is brought back to our country then every home will get Rs. 2.5 lakh and the country can pay its entire foreign debt overnight. “Each village in the country will get about Rs 60 crore each for development if we distribute this money spirited away in foreign banks,” he added.

Looters in high posts should be prosecuted and the money looted by them should be taken back. “Unless exemplary punishment is given to these looters, such corrupt practices will continue,” he said. Questioning the rationale behind existence of branches of four Swiss banks and eight Italian banks in the country, he asked, “who are the people who keep money in these banks? Of course, it is not the common man.”

Noted jurist Ram Jethmalani, who is pursuing in Supreme Court the issue of bringing back black money stashed in foreign banks, also targeted the Gandhi family, squarely blaming it for facilitating sycophancy and shielding corruption and black money.

Shri Anna Hazare demanded implementation of stricter laws and transparent administration to tackle corruption. He said a strong Lokpal Act would act as a deterrent to corruption. He demanded the government to immediately set up a committee with at least half of its members being from the civil society to formulate a plan to strengthen the institution of Lokpal. Shri Arvind Kejriwal stressed on immediate reforms in the laws to curb corruption. Kiran Bedi said it is a good sign that the entire country is raising a voice against corruption.

Dr Subramanian Swamy declared that no corrupt would be left unfinished in the country and they would continue the crusade against corrupts. He said the entire country is with Baba Ramdev in this crusade. Shri Govindacharya said it is due to the corruption that inflation is increasing making the life of people miserable. He extended total support to Baba Ramdev. Shri Vishwa Bandhu Gupta alleged that two Congress leaders have links with Hasan Ali Khan, the Pune-based stud farm owner, who has stashed away huge sums in foreign banks.

After the rally, a group of leaders submitted a memorandum to President Pratibha Patil demanding strong anti-corruption law to deal with the menace. The protesters also marched in a procession to Jantar Mantar. The memorandum was signed among others by activist Anna Hazare, Ram Jethmalani and Govindacharya. It had 30 lakh signatories.

Sharing the latest updates attached below with highlights with latest updates.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=giAqjxvyRLw (PPS on corruption) 

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Attached below are the latest updates:
Wednesday | March 9, 2011 | 22:30 IST


By Sumitha Narayanan Kutty, India Syndicate, 09/03/2011

Hasan Ali, time to quit horsing around


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From: S. Kalyanaraman <kalyan97@gmail.com

No ID, no tax proofs needed. Aha, KYC (Know Your Clien) as a principle of Bankers’ financial prudence? Forget it. It is Switzerland.


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    2G: 10 beneficiaries share address
    Tuesday | March 8, 2011 | 23:02 IST

    Ten beneficiaries of the 2G spectrum allocation scam shared a common address in Mauritius, a Headlines Today investigation has found.

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    Plunder of India from Baba Ramadev Speech

    Following are the highlights of a 45 minute fiery speech given by Baba Ramdev which covers a long list of conspiracies our nation is facing:

    1. Rs. 400 lakh crore black money in our economy – Our economy has a huge amount of black money. Rs. 300 lakh crore being stashed away in tax havens and Rs.100 lakh crore being in internal circulation. The government is not doing anything to stop this or to get back the money stashed in swiss banks. This is a massive amount which means that every family in this country would get Rs. 2.5 lakh. Each jila can get Rs. 50,000-60,000 crore for development. Each village would get Rs. 100 crore. It could take our country ahead of many developed nations overnight.

    2. Rs. 10,000 lakh crore national resources at risk – Our country has 89 types of minerals and the known reserves of these 89 minerals are worth Rs. 10,000 lakh crore which is at a huge risk. The Government has granted licenses to only 200 companies whereas in reality more than 1 lakh people are mining the resources and illegally generating wealth and black money. If this is not stopped our country could lose a massive amount of natural resources reserves.

    In this natural resource reserve we have iron reserves worth Rs. 550 lakh crore and coal reserves worth Rs.950 lakh crore which are being deppleted at a very fast pace by illegal miners.

    3. Huge money in circulation – We have Rs. 10 lakh crore of money in circulation which is more than 15% of our GDP. What is so much money doing in our economy ? This is nothing but to facilitate the black money economy. In US, UK, Canada there is a money circulation of only 3% of the GDP. Hence if the money circulation in our country is Rs.10 lakh crore then our GDP should be approximately Rs. 330 lakh crore instead of Rs. 60 lakh crore. So where is the rest of the GDP ? The answer is black money and the location is Swiss Banks.

    4. Massive amount of high denomination notes in the economy – In this money circulation of Rs. 10 lakh crore 30% of the money is in Rs.1000 denomination. What is such a massive amount of high denomination note doing in the circulation when 80% of our country gets only Rs.20 to spend per day ? The amount of Rs.1000 notes in the circulation was 1.8% in 2001 which has been cunningly raised to a massive figure of 30% for no logical reason in a period of just 10 years. This is doing nothing but helping in easy transporation of black money in form of cash. Hence the government should recall all high denomination notes instantly.

    5. Corruption eating national spending – The government has made budgets worth Rs.200 lakh crore in the past. This is a huge sum of money. But can we see anything ? Former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi had said that only 10%-15% of the money spent on the nation reaches the people, the rest is engulfed by corruption. Then why is the government not doing anything against it ?

    6. Huge amount of scams – The 2G spectrum scam alone is worth Rs. 1.76 lakh crore. That is equivalent to 25% of the annual budget of our country. And what is the government doing ? NOTHING.

    7. No punishment for the corrupt – There is not punishment for the corrupt in our country. The government is only claiming to punish the corrupt but WHERE IS THE PUNISHMENT ? The maximum a corrupt person gets is a imprisonment of 2-3 months or if its a huge corruption case then upto 3 years. But even then no one is actually caught because of the corruption in the judicial system and the massive amounts of cases pending in the courts.

    8. British Laws still being followed – According to the constitution of India if a person like Binayak Sen speaks against the Government its considered to be National Betrayal and the person is imprisoned. This law was made by the Britishers to suppress any form of voice against the British government but sadly this law continues to reside in the constitution of India. If the Government is corrupt you cannot raise a voice against them, it will be treated as national betrayal. Voice against the governemnt is betrayal but actions of corruption agaisnt the nation is NOT national betrayal. If you speak against the nation you are safe. If you speak against corrupt government you will be imprisoned. This is what the Constituion of India says.

    9. Government turning into property dealers – Huge scame of immoral land acquisitions are going on everywhere. in U.P. 2 km wide fertile lands are being acquired for building a road for Rs.20 lakhs and are being sold at the rate of Rs. 5 crore by the government. What is the government doing ? Buying land from farmers and turning it into waste be feeding it with harsh chemicals and selling it to people for such massive profits ? Why has the government turned into property dealers ?

    10. Operation of Swiss and Italy Banks – Why are 8 Italy banks and 4 Swiss Banks like UBS being allowed to operating here ? When no common man has accounts in these banks why are these banks being permitted to operate in our country when its a known fact that these banks come from tax havens ? The answer is obvious. They are allowed here to facilitate easy transfer of black money to tax havens from our country.

    11. Demoralization of the youth – 450+ government schemes are running and gloryfying just 1 family. No schemes are named on krantikaris like Bhagat Singh or Chandrashekhar Azad. People who sing songs get national awards like Padmashree which is fine. But people who have died for our country do not get anything. This is a cunning conspiracy to not allow development of nationalistic and independent idealogies in the students and youth. Huge money is spent just to glorify 1 family as if they are the only people who work for our country.

    See the link below. Please forward to your friends. Let the whole world know.


    YouTube – Videos from this email

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