BJP angry over Cong MP’s slur on Ramdev

While the ‘Great Leader’ prostrated before Sonia his humble followers are angry at Sonia’s hencemen threaten and abuse our holymen.

The BJP took strong exception to Congress MP from Arunachal Pradesh Ninong Ering “threatening” Baba Ramdev with dire consequences if he continued with his tirade against corruption.

Patanjali Yoga Peeth, Haridwar, media adviser SK Tijarabala claimed the MP also used abusive language.

“He is calling me bloody Indian…. In India I am being called a bloody Indian… This has happened for the first time,” said Ramdev, pointing to Ering, who stood near the dais.

“Ering’s comments are utterly irresponsible and seditious. He has abused Baba Ramdev. We condemn this outburst. Ramdev is a revered figure,” BJP spokesperson Prakash Javadekar said.


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3 Responses to BJP angry over Cong MP’s slur on Ramdev

  1. Dinesh says:

    This is the TRAGEDY of India. Some Corrupt, Criminal Congress Politicians does the SHOW, and would be take over by Party’s Master Spokespersons with their Sugar Coated Lies to fool the country and try to prove the world liars. After Looting the Country if this Elected Goons tries to abuse or harm the Whistle Blowers, or the one who tries to Expose or Protests, then INDIA NEEDS REVOLUTION LIKE EGYPT.

  2. Bhagat Singh says:

    This call out aint just a call out to our most beloved Baba Ramdev. Its a sign of disintegrity in the Nation. Its time now to ACT. Every bit of our efforts will pay. I demand the prosecution of this traitor.

  3. Bhagat Singh says:


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