Stop Double Game in Deganga

Hindu Samhati expresses Total Solidarity with the Hindus of Deganga & their representative body, the Deganga Durga Puja Samanvay Committee. The Committee has decided to stop the annual Durga Puja Celebrations in all of the 42 Puja Mandaps to protest the injustice done upon the Hindus, first by their Muslim neighbors, and then by the district and block adminstrations. Only the ceremonial ‘Ghat Puja’ will be performed.

This action has sent a powerful and tough message to the District Magistrate and the police that Hindus in Deganga cannot be taken for granted, and treated in any manner whatsoever to appease the Islamists. The district and police administrations are taken aback at the tough approach taken by the Hindus and the solid cohesiveness not seen before. The DM and the Police Superintendent are attempting every trick in the book to force the Puja Samanvay Committee to withdraw this hard measure and thereby celebrate the 42 Durga Pujas as usual.

Experience shows that the administration is not at all genuine and sincere in solving the problem. On the one hand, they are asking that the Chattal Pally Puja to be celebrated in a reduced and subdued fashion at the pressure of the Muslim fanatics. On the other hand, the government wants us to do the pujas in Deganga ONLY to make sure that they show the world that everything is good with Deganga. Hence they are pleading with the Puja Samanvay Committee. But it is clear that the administration is trying to deceive the Hindus, because they are repeatedly denying bail to 8 innocent Hindu Samhati workers arrested from the Sept 18th protest march in Barasat.

In a recent meeting, Mr. Prashanta Pal, the secretary of the All Deganga Puja Committee (Ie Samanvay Committee), was approached by the District Magistrate, Police Superintendent, and the Block Development Officer, first by folded hands and then by the officers holding his hands to beg, coax, and cajole him all at the same time.

The attitude of the block and district administrations remind one of the 1923 Malabar Riots: Gandhiji solemnly declared – “Every Muslim is a bully and Every Hindu is a coward”. The government is ready to be bullied by the Muslims and pay only lip sympathy to the persecuted Hindus.   What do you expect from the Govt. of Nehru-Gandhi secularists when Gandhi had ironically sided with the Muslim Moplas in Kerala against the Hindus.

We condemn this double game of the administration and urge the Hindus of Deganga block to remain united in protest to save their block from becoming another Pakistan. We assure them full cooperation of Hindu Samhati. The World Hindu community is very much aware of the situation in Deganga due to our efforts, and they will extend their fullest support to the people of Deganga.

About janamejayan

A Viraat Hindu dedicated to spread the message of Paramacharya of Kanchi
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