What gruesome things can the Muslims do for a living?

RAMANATHAPURAM:A Muslim, Abdul Kafur murdered an 18-month-old boy in a case of human sacrifice made to acquire more power, according to the police. They said the killer identified the spot where the child’s decapitated body was buried in a hut at Kattupalli, near Erwadi, on Saturday.

According to the police, Shrine Fathima, wife of Kasim Basha, of Alankulam, was a frequent visitor to the dargah at Goripalayam in Madurai, along with her little boy Kader Usuf. On a visit to the dargah on July 2, her son went missing so she lodged a complaint with the Tallakulam police.

The police began investigations and also launched a search for Kader. Meanwhile based on information received, a police team went to Eral where they apprehended a fakir named Abdul Kafur, from Kayalpattinam, near Thoothukudi.

They said that during the interrogation Abdul Kafur admitted to having abducted the child while he was sleeping next to his mother, taken him to Eral and sacrificed him in a gruesome ritual in order to gain more power. He drank the child’s blood after a special prayer and cut off his head. He buried the head at Kallamoli near Thoothukudi and took the torso to Erwadi along with his wife Rabila Beebi recently.

He stayed in a rented hut at Kattupalli near Erwadi for few days, buried the remains inside the hut and returned to Eral.

Abdul Kafur had confessed to the crime, police said. The police team took him to Erwadi on Saturday and Kafur pointed out the spot where the torso was buried. Police have decided to exhume the remains in the presence of a revenue team on Sunday and perform a postmortem on the remains.

Abdul Kafur was taken to Madurai for further interrogation amid tight police security.

Source: http://expressbuzz.com/states/tamilnadu/tn-fakir-sacrifices-child-to-acquire-more-power/192592.html

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