Christian Fraudster robs Hindu Dalits to become an IAS officer

Umashankar, an IAS officer tricked his way into becoming an IAS officer by producing false certificate.  This came to surface and had to be suspended.

His parents Chellakani and Suganthi, though Hindus by birth, converted to Christianity (most likely bought over by some pittance of money by the Christian proselytisers and were Christians at the the time of their marriage. As such, Umashankar was a born Christian.

Umashankar converted to Hinduism on February 14, 1984 and applied for the issue of SC community certificate claiming that he is a Hindu Dalit and got the certificate on October 23, 1986.

On the basis of this false SC community certificate Umashankar was allotted to IAS service on a Scheduled Caste quota.  The rule was clear that reconverted Christians (who do so only to enjoy the reservation) are not eligible for reservation.


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22 Responses to Christian Fraudster robs Hindu Dalits to become an IAS officer

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  2. selva says:

    Mr.janamejayan one thing u must keep in mind is that a dalit is a dalit even if he convert to other religion. Simply if he convert to other religion a dalit is not free from any discrimination at all. The capitalistic Hindu centric government of India has framed law in such a way that be a Hindu to get the petty reservation benefits. In my opinion converted christians,Buddhist dalits also should be given the same reservation benefits as that of their Hindu counterparts….!

    • janamejayan says:


      When did communists like you begin to believe that a man is BORN dalit or a Brahmin? Is this not antithetical to Marxism? Either you believe that a man is branded into a caste and fight caste injustice or say that caste division and isolations were the colonial inventions and that their successors in India are carrying out their masters’ plot. The govt. of India is not Hindu-centric. It is Muslim and Christian centric and is out and out anti-Hindu. If you are true communists you should fight equality all men and not continue to believe that the govt. has a role to play reservation game. Besides being a communist you should also be intelligent enough to understand that men are different from each other, each one is better in his own way and no two individual are equal in their ability and capacity.

      Of Course, if you are a communist just to protest then you cannot discriminate between individuals such as you are you and I am I. A Marxist holds the world cast in stone, never changing. A Hindu knows that the world is known to each individual in his own fashion. A day when you know that the world you live in that you feel disgusted with is the world of your own making consciously or unconsciously (!) that day you wake up to realize that you are real and the world is unreal for it changes every moment and so is undependable.

      By the way, according to Indian law, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs etc (i.e. indigenous religions of India) are considered Hindu.

  3. abhijeet says:

    Many Christian action group cadres have also been inducted into prominent naxalite groups under the garb of liberation theology activists. For instance Vernon Gonsalves @ Vikram, a state committee member of Maharashtra unit of CPI (Maoist) who was arrested by the ATS, Maharashtra, in August,2007 and another top Maoist leader Arun Ferreira, r/o Bandra, who was arrested by Nagpur police have both confessed to the police that they are activists of liberation theology movement. A number of human rights activists including Dr.Binayak Sen,Vice President of PUCL, have also been arrested in the recent past for their close links with the Maoist movement in the country confirming the close links between the Maoist movement and NGO and human rights net-work. Since the Christian action groups in the country are all controlled by various church agencies, many church leaders in India are also now directly linked with the naxalite movement.

    So, when Sabyasachi Panda, a top Maoist leader of Orissa claims responsibility for the killing of VHP leader Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati and four others at his ashram in Kandhamal district on August 23,2008, it does not help to absolve the church activists from the charge of involvement in the crime. The naxalite movement in the country had enjoyed maximum mass support during the period from 1969 to 1974. However despite the dynamic leadership provided by leaders like Charu Majumdar and Sitaramaiyyah the support base of the naxalite movement was mostly confined to the three states of West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala.

    By 1975, the naxal movement had started disintegrating and it is only because of its association with the action group movement since mid seventies that it was able to sustain itself.

    Today, with the full support and all possible assistance from the networking NGOs and also with the systematic induction of a large number of NGO activists into major naxalite groups, the naxal movement in the country has now become very powerful and it continues to make inroads into more and more new areas, especially in the remote and tribal regions.

    About 170 districts in 15 states in the country are now reportedly considered as naxal-infested. This unprecedented growth of naxalite movement in the country can be attributed to the support and encouragement it receives from the action group movement of networking NGOs which has got a strong and wide network all over the country. The irony of the situation is that the naxalite movement which proclaims to be the greatest crusader against the imperialist lobby is presently controlled by the action group movement which in turn is promoted, financed and controlled by the same imperialist lobby.

  4. abhijeet says:

    The Crusades were in part a reaction to these events, as well as serving the ambitions of 11th-, 12th-, and 13th-century popes who sought to extend their political and religious power. Crusading armies were, in a sense, the military arm of papal policy.

    Beyond all this, the Crusades coincided with a time of dramatic growth of European population and commercial activity. The Crusades provided an area of expansion to accommodate part of this growing population. They also offered an outlet for the ambitions of land-hungry knights and noblemen. At the same time, the expeditions offered rich commercial opportunities to the merchants of the growing cities of the West, particularly Genoa, Pisa, and Venice.

    Crusading thus had a broad appeal to numerous Europeans. Some went on Crusades out of greed, some out of religious fervor; almost all Crusaders sought adventure, and many of them believed that their participation would virtually guarantee personal salvation. Every Crusader probably had different reasons for participation.The experiments of the papacy and European monarchs in raising money to finance the Crusades led to the development of systems of direct general taxation that had long-term consequences for the fiscal structure of European governments.

  5. vaidya k iyer says:

    Congress is mother of naxals, as Pakisthan for ISIs

    1. Maoist attack state Govt machinery on plea that their tribal culture should not be disturbed, but silent on Vatican missionaries who r converting their entire culture with western names & western Gods. Why?

    2. Maoists are active only in states which are ruled by non congress. i.e. CPI (Bengal) Chattisgarh, Bihar, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh (all BJP) Orrissa (BJD). They become obscure once congress grabs power. Example: Maharashtra & Andhra.

    3. In Andhra, remember while TDP ruled; an attack on Chandra Babu cars; using landmine while back from Thirupathy. But as congress came to power; Maoist activities stopped mysteriously (even without any talks) _ Why?

    4. In Andhra, Maoist was silent for last 5 years. But as congress got jolt on telagana issue, Maoist issue a letter that they support telangana (a non tribal area).Suddenly. Why?

    5. Central govt says Maoist gets money from china .Interestingly why they are attacking CPM govt in Bengal (after CPI relation worsened with congress) who openly declare to be pro china.

    6. Why Naxalites don’t attack Vatican missionaries which are paving American lifestyle in tribal area.

    7. Remember 5 years back in Orrissa a saint who was reconverting tribal to their native tribal faith was murdered. After anti Vatican riots, Naxalites themselves announce that they have killed him. Why? Why they came in rescue of Vatican missionaries Who were e alleged to be behind ?
    8. Kobad Gandhi, remember this name? Just one day before Maharashtra assembly elections, congress arrested him alleging as the chief of Naxalites movement of India. Where is he now? , Why congress govt could not reveal him.

    Names of other leaders; hide outs of arms; source of arms procurements & network; who are funding them etc

    No news …strange? – Even from hardcore Kasab the Pakistani terrorist of Mumbai 26|11 case, the govt agencies have revealed information from him within 24 hours- Where is Kobad Gandhi now? Not even shown in media like Kasab? Doesn’t some thing fishy?.

    9) Salwa jurum Remember this movement started by Chattisgarh BJP Govt against Maoist in which village people were selected & were given right to take action against Maoist. This movement was successful in wiping the entire Maoist backbone in chattisgarh. But the central govt Congress went to Supreme Court & imposed a Legal stay on this movement. Why?

    10) During CRPF deployment in the areas after attacks on their Bengal camp the CRPF officers alleged that they have not got orders from centre Govt to start operation. Thus they are sitting like lame ducks from last one year. Why congress is not ordering them why?

    Punjab: Congress nurtured Bhinderwala who started movement to wipe out the Akaali govt which led its own leader Indira was being killed

    Uttar Pradesh: BSP was groomed by congress in 1986; created hatred between Hindus to dent Ramjanmabhoomi movement.

    Bodoland: movement against AGP govt in Assam but has become silent after congress came to power

    Gorkhaland (W. Bengal) movement Remember they have become silent for last 10 years CPI- congress alliance govt in centre but surface again when the relation has become strained.

    Indian justice party: creating hatred between lower caste Hindus in Uttar Pradesh (To cut Mayawati votes that was once a congress dummy but now had become main opposition of congress).

    Raj Thakaray: No need to tell whole story as to who is funding him & against whom? A pawn to create hatred on regional basis cutting BJP shiv sena votes for Bihar elections. Every body knows that an acre of Kohinoor mills land in central Bombay was given to him by state congress govt on just Rs ONE as lease for 99 years. Hats why raj was silent on Sharukh Khan issue in IPL matches on POK participation

    11) Finally two people as Maoist leaders Koteshwar Rao, alias Kishen ji & Deepak Telugu (never shown their faces in media.
    Some suspicions: since both of them are Telugu then why they are inactive in Andhra now and Maoist suddenly stopped their activities after Chandra Babu (TDP) lost?

  6. Jerry R says:

    C. Umashankar I.A.S. is a Hindu legally. But he pracitses Christianity in his heart at present. That is his birthright and no one can question it. Tomorrow he may embrace Islam, or Sikhism. India is a Secular Country. So it is his sole prerogative.

    • janamejayan says:

      Jerry, You seemed to have missed the point. No one denies Umashankar’s right to change his religion at will. All we are saying is as a Christian he has no right to claim that which truly belongs to a Hindu. If you still don’t get it, you have to get some education.

      • Vincely says:

        Jerry is right. The right is for Dalits and it does not matter whether he or she is a Hindu or a Christian or a Muslim or a Jain or a Sikh or a Buddhist. ‘Reservations’ are caste centric and not religion centric. While this remains the spirit behind all ‘reservations’, it is the crookedness of few persons that added the word Hindu to the Dalit as requirement for claiming rights under ‘reservations’.

      • janamejayan says:

        First if you are a Christian or a muslim how do you claim to be so if you believe there is caste in these religions? Second Dalit is not a caste in the Hindu. Christos invented this word from their own european world. Third, the constitution clearly says that the reservation is earmarked for the scheduled castes of the Hindus. Don’t try to rob the Hindu scheduled castes by claiming you are one of them. Courts after courts have frustrated your attempts and even jailed some guys. So get a life and get lost!

  7. Selva Joe says:

    When Uma shankar Became a IAS, he was a Hindu..After a long time he converted to it is a right and legal in India.I dont think that the caste will not go away from any one who convert to Christianity because I have a caste as Hndus have and I am a Christian.Caste is culture and only torture towards the caste is prohibitted.

    • janamejayan says:

      If u r a christian or a muslim there are no castes in them. Pl. prove with facts and not your ascertions. We only had 4 varnas and not 3000 castes. If tomorrow we abolish castes in Hinduism would you as a Christian claiming to have caste will continue to have caste?

      • Selva Joe says:

        Thanks for your reply.I would not accept that Christian dont have castes because every Indian is having caste regardless religion.As per Law caste is there for Christians as a evidence I have a caste certificate.If government declare there wont be caste for Christians, I will surrender my caste certificate.
        ///If tomorrow we abolish castes in Hinduism would you as a Christian claiming to have caste will continue to have caste?///Question should be modified as put Indians in place of Hinduism..If we abolish castes in Indians, it is sure that Christians also wont have it by Law.

      • janamejayan says:

        You have a caste certificate and I consider it as fraudulent and if a govt official has given one surely his hand was greased. Look dude there is no caste in Abrahamic religions. If u say u have it tell me why? Did not the xians claim that their god created everyone equal?

      • Selva Joe says:

        According to me Caste does not mean inequality.Understans dude.Politicians or caste leader made it inequal.So dude you understans Jesus created all human being equal.

      • janamejayan says:

        So why did u need a caste certificate from govt? There is some purpose by which u claim inequality and compensation, right? Ism’t that a fraud? By the way Jesus according to your own creed did not create anything. He was only a prophet, a messiah.

      • Selva Joe says:

        I am a Indian and I will enjoy whatever governent is giving for me..I am not stealing or cheating like politicians,activists,etc..///By the way Jesus according to your own creed did not create anything. He was only a prophet, a messiah.////you dont know our creed.

      • janamejayan says:

        You are such a pitiable double face with no conscience! Shame on you!!

  8. Selva Joe says:

    Hi high caste fraud!
    You are so fear to remove my comments but if you have guts remove all!

  9. Selva Joe says:

    as You can not reply me, you are a such a high caste coward so that you remove my comments.
    you are jealous of the people coming to Christ!

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