BJP too swats bat for both teams Andhra & Telangana

Finally it is the turn of the BJP

THE State unit of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has decided to intensify both the Jai Telangana and Jai Andhra movements to “expose” the Congress and main Opposition Telugu Desam Party’s (TDP) double standards on the bifurcation of the State.The State unit of the party will formally launch its Jai Andhra movement from Vijayawada tomorrow under the leadership of vicepresident K Haribabu.It has also decided to provide free legal aid to all activists in the two regions taking part in the movements.The party has established a control room under the chairmanship of senior advocate Anthony Reddy at the State party headquarters.The State panel has also decided to organise public meetings at 24 places in the city on December 29 and a “Torch Rally” in the city on January 1. A string of awareness programmes have also been lined up.Addressing a press conference, State president B Dattatreaya demanded that the Central Government introduce a bill in Parliament to begin the process of the formation of Telangana State in accordance with Article 3 of the Indian Constitution.Saying that the Congress and Telugu Desam were insincere on Telangana, he demanded that TDP president N Chandrababu Naidu tender an unconditional to the people of Telangana. He also urged Union Minister S Jaipal Reddy to quit the Cabinet and join the movement.The BJP leader also strongly criticised the police for registering false cases against students in the region.He said the police had registered non-bailable cases against about 900 advocates and urged Chief Minister K Rosaiah to direct the department to withdraw the same.BJP general secretaries K Laxman and Ch Sambamurthy took part in the press conference.|pSiw=&MainSectionID=fyV9T2jIa4A=&SectionName=EH8HilNJ2uYAot5nzqumeA==&SEO=

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1 Response to BJP too swats bat for both teams Andhra & Telangana

  1. subramanyam says:

    Constantly Humiliated and Denied of what they should be getting,

    The tussle of Separation of Telengana – Midnight blunder as well as bad birth day present.

    There is a repeated and vigorous campaign from the unemployed leaders of this region and they have been Constantly Humiliated and Denied of what they should be getting.

    Once should understand that for open humiliation of Sri Anjaih entire ANDHRA PRADESH raised and become one and removed the congress and elected NTR. Andhra never treated Telangana as some thing separate.

    In recent times – the TDP was bent upon to create the IIT at Basara – Nizamabad district and one from this region never tried to fight for this when YSR was alive – and support this cause, even though many were very close to Rahul Gandhi and YSR? How he can prepare the people of this region that he can do more?? If that has been done most of the backward region would have got automatic push for development.

    45% of the state income comes from Telangana region. When it comes to
    utilization of funds, the share of Telangana is only 28%. ( This was another argument) I say, that the state income includes Hyderabad – I suppose – and that has come from Andhras…

    How much the various irrigation ministers must have collected under the table by sacrificing the Telangana projects – being natives. How KCR – being a minister for 12 years never tried to do some thing for his region or his own constituency?
    How Nolgonda congress leaders never tried to help the water issues for 50 years.

    And you people are thinking that the same people will take up these things in the next five to ten years??? How? What they have done in Andhra – these political leaders are there to make trips to New Delhi and take advantage of our simplicity. By playing these things – Telengana will become a small state – like Jharkhand and there will be many Madhu Kodas in the near future.

    The BITS Pilani, IIT in Medak and many more institutions came up here just because it is capital of AP. And hospitals and Info Tech and many institutions etc., are being setup by Andhra and Rayalaseema people– while the plastics and textiles units – which pollutes the climate are owned by others.

    What kind of development you have seen while TDP was in rule and what kind of issues were cropped up later on?

    All these leaders are waiting, assisted by their kith and kin ( sons and daughters ) to make it their own jagirs in the coming years… Let there be separation … and there will no one to rescue or no one to blame and when ever you complain you will hear one thing that they are still recovering from the so called damages done by the Andhras in the next 10 years … By the time – the destruction will be complete.

    Let there be separation…

    Who is being humiliated and who is being targeted to deny the waters??? Ask your self and you will answer after few years…

    You are losing the grip, you are losing the voice, you are diminishing the value and its power. Let there be separation. Andhra people are entrepreneurs… like Americans. We have no enmity with our Muslims – we have no riots and communal clashes – we are one !!! Let there be separation…

    Once the state is formed – there will be no Prof Jayashankar or no Vidyasagar – they will be shown their places by these leaders. They will be disillusioned. To day the fight is between two parties to wrest the political vacuum. So they are fooling us. If this region is backward – how come that there is a large population of Telenagana in USA? They have the advantage unlike Andhra, all the institutions and knowledge centers are very near to their districts.

    Never blame the family for not getting your due – blame yourself for not asking or not showing interest for all these years… YOU people benefited by Andhra fools as they thought that – YSR will take care of them. Like them, never believe on a single individual …

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