The Dravida Kazhagam on the verge of an imminent split

Periyarites see Veeramani doing an MK

K Veeramani

CHENNAI: The recent appointment of Dravidar Kazhagam (DK) president K Veeramani’s son, Anburaj, as the headquarters secretary of the organisation has caused anger and resentment among the acolytes of Periyar E V Ramasamy, who feel that the social movement was getting the hues of a political party through dynastic succession.“How many agitations has Anburaj participated in over the years and how many meetings has he addressed to take the ideals of Periyar to the common people?” asks writer Tamilarivi Manian and calls him a “novice”.Pointing out that there was a parallel between Veeramani and DMK chief Karunanidhi, he says while DMK founder C N Annadurai never promoted his adopted children

in politics, his successor Karunanidhi did it by giving party posts and also MP seats to two of his two children – M K Alagiri and Kanimozhi. Veeramani is doing what Periyar never did, he says.The DK is not a mutt and Veeramani cannot act like a Shankaracharya, enjoying the right to annoint his successor. In a social movement, unilateral selection of successors is unacceptable, particularly when the very act goes against what Periyar stood for, he points out.Viduthalai Rajendran, a long-time member the DK who broke away in 1996 to form the Periyar Dravidar Kazhagam, says Periyar, despite involving his family members in protests and agitations, never anointed any of them as his successor. Even Maniammai, whom Periyar married

much later, came into the movement as an ordinary worker and Veeramani was neither related to Periyar nor Maniammai.That Veeramani, after inheriting the leadership of the DK from Maniammai, is making a bid to hand over the entire organisation that owns properties and educational institutions all over the State, to his son, who is a failed businessman, has also caused a murmur within the DK, though the activists are reluctant to speak out about it.Veeramani surprised them at the party meet in Thanjavur on October 10 by making the announcement about his son’s appointment unilaterally.However, Veeramani has been surprising many old-timers of the DK for more than a decade by giving priority to running the self-financed institutions of a trust he operates in the name of Periyar rather than promoting the rationalistic ideology.His penchant to blindly support whoever is in power in Tamil Nadu – be it Jayalalithaa or Karunanidhi – and his placing legal hurdles in the initiative to bring out a collection of writings and speeches of Periyar have already earned the ire of many traditional DK supporters.Since he is hell bent on stopping the publication of Periyar’s works, old time followers of Periyar accuse Veeramani of having a dog in a manger attitude.But his latest move to suddenly bring in his son, who had so far been living an independent life least concerned about the activities or programmes of the Dravidar Kazhagam, has earned their wrath as they see in it a clear attempt to hand him over the properties and funds of the party.But as Tamilarivi Manian puts it: “Dynasty in political parties is curable but in a social movement it is incurable.”

G Babu Jayakumar


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3 Responses to The Dravida Kazhagam on the verge of an imminent split

  1. Sakya muni says:

    Veeramani is a crafty lying manipulating SoB. You cannot expect him to be honest, transparent, or loyal. I know first hand that he is only interested in his own power, and does not care for anyone else. If you question him, He will throw you out of the party.
    Many senior people who have sacrificed more than him have lost the shirt of their back, yet Veeramani ensures he, his wife, and children will continue to financially prosper. Veeramani is not Periyar. He cannot pretend to be the only savior of DK. If the government has any balls they will ensure the financial dealings of the trust is handled by an independent team and the accounts are made transparent. Let,s see if veeramani still preaches then. He will take his loot and run to Malaysia ( his wife is from there). The only way to ensure this mongrel does not take advantage is to make all of periyars wealth as public property. It should be used to teach periyars words of wisdom, not have a handful of low life maggots forever.

  2. MUTHU KAMACHI says:

    Dr.K.VEERAMANI is a symbol of big betray to AIADMK and MGR. The mass land the trust hold was given free by MGR to Periyar Movement. After MGR, Dr. Jayalalitha, C.M of tamilnadu did him a lot for periyar trust and he seems to be one of the trusted loyalty to Dr.Jayalalitha. wHEN dR. kALAINGAR came to power , there was issue of grabbing the trust land in tanjore in 2000 and there was severe protest against DMK goverment in tanjore.Even veeramani went for support for other parties even moopanar. The Same leader who is considered to be a great social reformer , rationalist joined hands with Dr. KALAINGAR later forgetting the trouble given to their trust by DMK and went against ADMK rule and joined in various agitation in recent years with kalaingar against ADMK. How funny ans stupid it is to see his behaviour , when he and former congress leader Thiru.kumari anadan were only two to touch her feet and praised her for all her deeds. Dr.VEERAMANI praised the corrupt congress UPA goverment and always tell public to vote against religious parties ( madavada sakthigal) citing BJP ,RSS etc.Is his party D.K really supporting muslims and christians. Has his movement done anything to minorites .Certainly not. even no christian, dalit or muslims are holding top or important post in DK so far and now making his son as a sucessor is a great betray and sin to his loyal party men , who are true workers, followers of periyar thoughts, do noble service for no returns or fame and who lost their wealth for party works and welfare activities which other political parties workers do not.

  3. smitha says:

    Veeramani is a self centered bastard. He was sexually torturing maniyammai & she died young, unable to bear that. He usurped EVR’s properties & is leading a luxurious life. he is a jalra to whoever is in power. A shamwless scoundrel.

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