Criminal link suspected of over 600 Chennai cops

Gokul Vannan

CHENNAI: Over 600 policemen in Chennai are suspected to be having links with criminal elements and the city police have started an investigation into the alleged nexus in a bid to purge the department of personnel lending a helping hand to criminals.

Two head constables have been suspended for their links with criminals and severe action awaits those found to have criminal links, police sources said.

One of the suspended head constables, Gopalakrishnan of ICF police station, was found to be leaking information on the police investigation into the murder of a history-sheeter, Arunagiri, to a lawyer, Gnanam. Police believe that Gnanam was connected with the case.

The other head constable, Karuppaswamy, of Ayanavaram police station, was suspended for helping criminals get anticipatory bail in cases filed against them.

He was caught congratulating a history-sheeter, Muthu, outside the station.

Karupaswamy, who has been working in Kilpauk police district for more than 15 years, was familiar with all the local rowdies and criminals and has been passing information on cases under investigation to them. Sources said “The police are probing the background of junior level police officers in the rank of inspector and sub-inspector and are planning to screen even senior level officers.”|PU=&SectionID=vBlkz7JCFvA=&MainSectionID=fyV9T2jIa4A=&SectionName=EL7znOtxBM3qzgMyXZKtxw==&SEO=

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