Janata Party’s Press release on EC’s impartiality

March 23, 2009
The Election Commission has broken new ground by offering advice gratis to the BJP on why Varun Gandhi should not be made a candidate of the Party to contest the forthcoming General Elections to the Lok Sabha. It will be therefore a mark of their impartiality if they now also wrote to the Congress Party not to field Ms.Sonia Gandhi for having committed perjury by falsely declaring in a sworn affidavit at the 2004 Lok Sabha candidate of the Congress Party that she had been educated at the University of Cambridge. Communal speeches are as heinous a crime as perjury by a candidate standing in an election.
If the EC fails to do so, it will mean that they have targeted Varun Gandhi at the behest of Ms. Sonia Gandhi.

About janamejayan

A Viraat Hindu dedicated to spread the message of Paramacharya of Kanchi
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