Aurangazeb and Islamic compassion-IV

Thursday, 13 March, 2008 , 04:01 PM

In presenting the following facts about the barbarism and cruelty of Emperor Aurangazeb, I am totally relying upon the magisterial work of Shri Prafull Goradia titled “HINDU MASJIDS” and an exceptionally brilliant monograph by Shri Jaydeep Sen titled ‘JIHAD IN INDIA’ . 


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 Back view of Idgah built in place of Keshava Dev Mandir(Temple) desecrated by Emperor Aurangazeb (1658-1707).

What is shocking to note is that there are still some small time feudal Chieftains belonging to the Medieval Ages who exist only on paper in Chennai – belonging to the clan of what H.G. Wells in his Outline of World History appropriately (derisively!) called as ‘Their Majesties and Graciousness, Their Serenities and Royal Highnesses and the like’ – who seem to hold the Islamic ‘imperial view’ that Aurangazeb was man of great compassion. 

“The richly jewelled idols taken from the Pagan Temples were transferred to Agra and there placed beneath the steps leading to the Nawab Begum Sahib’s Mosque in order that they might ever be trampled under foot by the true believers.  The City’s name was changed to Islamabad.”  These words were not written by Hindu fundamentalists or Politicians belonging to the Sangh Pariwar.  They were written by the famous English Historian Vincent A. Smith.


Vincent Smith was referring to the wanton desecration cum destruction of Keshava Dev Mandir in Mathura by that kind and large hearted Mughal Emperor called Aurangazeb.   It was the birth place of Lord Shri Krishna.  The idols being referred to by Vincent A Smith, refer to the idols which were destroyed by Aurangazeb at Keshav Dev Mandir in Mathura.  This Temple was built at the spot where Lord Krishna – one of the most popular Gods of Hindustan-was born about 3500 years ago.


As a Hindu, all that I can say is that no one is more widely adored amongst us than Lord Shri Krishna.  From Jammu in the North to Kannya Kumari in the South, from Dwaraka in the West to Imphal in the East, there are millions of Krishna Worshippers.  Moreover, there is no Hindu who would not be an adorer of this Son of Mathura.  He gave the Bhagavad Gita to us.  Even today, every Hindu swears by it before answering in any Court of Law, just as Christians and Muslims swear by the Bible and the Quran respectively.  If there be any one book from which a Hindu wishes to understand his faith, it is the Bhagavad Gita.   To quote the beautiful and irreplaceable words of Shri Prafull Goradia in this context: “In fact, every one, at least in India, understands what Lord Shri Krishna means to the Hindu psyche.  Just as Lord Shri Ram exemplifies the uncompromising idealist, Krishna personifies the comprehensive realist.  When a Hindu has a problem, he wonders what Keshava would have done to solve it with his genius for tactics and strategy.  If he wishes to celebrate a festival, he thinks of Giridhar Gopal.  If he dreams of frolic, he sees Gopinath.  If he looks for love, he cannot but help dream of Radheshyam.”


What is humiliating to the average Hindu today is that BALAKRISHNA in Mathura is worshiped in little room which appears like a servant quarters attached to the back of the Idgah.  Tearful pathos can be felt and experienced by any visitor, whether a devotee or otherwise.  Nearly two centuries after the desecration of Keshava Dev’s Mandir in Mathura, FS Growse, the District Collector of Mathura, was moved to write as follows:  “Not only the city of Mathura, but with it, the whole of the Western half of the District has a special interest of its own as the birth place and abiding home of VAISHNAVA HINDUISM.  It is about 42 miles in Length with an average breadth of 30 miles and is intersected through out by the River Jamuna.  In the neighbourhood is Gokul and Brindaban, where the divine brothers Krishna and Balram grazed their herds.  Almost every spot is traditionally connected with some event in the life of Krishna or of his mythical mistress Radha.

If I can suitably re-adapt the words of William Shakespeare, not all the scents of Arabia would suffice to wash away the sins of Mohmud of Ghazini and Aurangazeb Alamgir at Mathura.  And since it is not possible to claim back what was destroyed long ago, the return of the Idgah and the shuddhi of Krishna janmabhoomi or the birth place of Krishna is the only alternative.

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After giving some rough and ready idea about Aurangazeb’s universal compassion towards the Hindus of his time let me now turn towards his special compassion for the Sikhs of his time.  In spite of the ceaseless efforts of Islam-embracing and Hindu-hating historians like Mr.Ifran Habib, Mrs. Romila Tapper and many Marxist historians of pseudo-secularism belonging to the Jawaharlal Nehru University, to justify all Jihadic acts of Aurangazeb – forced and forcible conversion, Temple destruction and slaughter of Sikh Guru Tegh Bahadur and his disciples-they find themselves in a hopeless position to secularize this Mujaheed Aurangazeb. The graphic details ralating to the Slaughter of Sikh Guru Tegh Bhadur Singh and his disciples can be seen in Jaydeep Sen Monograph ‘JIHAD IN INDIA’

Let us look at his Islamic compassion.  A deputation of 17 Kashmiri Brahmins led by Pundit Kripa Ram from the Kashmir valley came to Guru Tegh Bahadur in May, 1675 and complained that Aurangazeb, through his Governor Iftikar Khan was tyrannizing over them and had posed before them two alternatives: either embrace Islam or Death.  They told the Guru “You are our Lord and Master in this dark age.  It is now upto you to save our race, else it would become impossible to live with honour and preserve our age-old faith.”  The Saint-Warrior Guru Tegh Bahadur could not remain indifferent while his creed and people were wantonly attacked by Aurangazeb and his marauders.  He encouraged and led the resistance of the Hindus in Kashmir against forcible conversion.  This enraged Aurangazeb and he ordered Guru Tegh Bahadur’s arrest.  When the Guru was brought to Aurangazeb, he was given a choice of Islam or Death.  The Sikh Guru refused to give up his faith and after 5 days of inhuman torture, he was beheaded on a warrant from the Emperor.  Guru Govind Singh said: “Guru Tegh Bahadur saved with his blood the ‘tilak’ and the ‘sacred thread’ of the Hindus.” 


Dr Sangat Singh in his work on the Sikh Gurus gives the following details.  Guru Tekh Bahadur accompanied by leading personages of his Darbar, Dewan Mati Das, Sati Das and Dayal Das, started to Delhi to take up the case of Kashmiri Brahmins in June 1675. On 12 July, 1675, they were taken into custody at village Malikpur Ranghran, Pargana Ghanaula and were sent to Sirhind where they remained for 4 months before being sent to Delhi on receipt of orders from Aurangazeb.


Guru Tegh Bahadur was tortured while in detention in Sirhind and eventually taken to Delhi in iron cage on 5 November, 1675.  The Subedar of Delhi and the Royal Qazi formally went into the motion of offering them the options of showing miracles, accepting Islam or Death.  Guru Tegh Bahadur and his disciples refused the first two options and were ready for the third.  Bhai Mati Dass was tied between two legs and cut into twain with a saw.  Dayal Das was boiled to death in a cauldron of hot water, while Sati Das was roasted alive with cotton, wrapped around his body.  Guru Tegh Bahadur, after witnessing martyrdom of the three disciples, was beheaded on 11 November, 1675.

 The UPA Government in New Delhi, and the dastardly anti-Hindu, anti-National, and politically Criminal Communist Governments in Kerala and West Bengal, would go out of their way to recommend the posthumous award of Bharat Ratna to Aurangazeb for these deeds of time-defying compassion and idealistic secularism!!.

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