Saharanpur Sikh massacres. Secular media suddenly turns neutral. Calls it political game.

I am getting the idea either the ostich is burying its head in sand or the Nero is fiddling when Rome is burning.

Next Chief Minister of Bihar will be from BJP: Shahnawaz Hussain. Will that bring change for the Hindus?

Sonia Gandhi holds Iftar party, shares table with Sharad Yadav and Lalu Prasad

So the avowedly seculars are hosting Iftar & the strictly seculars BJP is not hosting Iftar. Let it sink into us all that BJP is secular….

As Hindus we cant expect anything from this govt tho the Hindus voted for them and the Muslims and Christians did not. 2/n

The Lesson is we Hindus form a Hindu Defense League not just in twitter but outside too and swing into action. 3/n

I may have to make amend to what I said. BJP is strictly secular internally and pro-Muslim externally. Will that be a good description?

Modiji, We Hindus voted you to power. Dr. seriously campaigned for you. BJP betrayed Dr.Swamy. Are we Hindus next?

BJP alleges Rs 5000 cr scam at Maharashtra Sadan, demands CBI inquiry

How come old hag LKA isn’t commenting about his gf?

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. But market freedom is fleeting phenomenon as it gives rise 2 monopolies & destruction of nations.

Y is it ‘business as usual in Sonia’s style’ when it comes 2 Muslim supporting & Hindu hating media? Suddenly the leader is pissing me off.

Tamil Nadu CM JJ seeks increase in Haj quota for the state. She is also debating which Acharya she can put in jail.

Are our people on suicide mission in supporting seculars like JJ? Hindus! Raise a Godse Sena and swing into action! No govts will save you!

. How come we get this mindset to appeal to the enemy like Sushma begging ISIS to release our citizens as a Eid gift?

Hajpayee lost because he betrayed Hindus. LKA lost he betrayed himself. I sincerely hope I will never have to stick a loser note on Modi.

A muslim prankster posted that Hindus were illtreating Buddhists and so called Dalits. He cannot remember Bhamian Buddha or Hindukush

I wont rule out that these riots in Saharanpur have connection to Sonia & Rahul’s trial on Aug 7 on National Herald Scam.

Dalit is a European word which is purposely attributed by rogues opposed to our Dharma.

There is an unresolved Hindu-Muslim contradiction. Brits & congress divided the country as a solution. It didn’t work. 1/n

The division was farce as we had more Muslims than Pakistan and they attack Hindus. The Congress & its secular allies side with Muslims 2/n

What is d solution? Obviously the Congi-Secular approach exacerbated the issue. BJP under Hajpayee brought us Godhra & defeat 4 10 yrs. 3/n

Does Modi know how to solve it? N/n

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CBI silent on prosecuting Ashok Chavan in Adarsh scam

Daft and dangerous: Muslim scholar’s plan for a militia to fight global jihad — Hasan Suroor

India should be history-conscious: Modi

I was targeted due to my gender, says tearful Sania. No dear, dont lie! You are targetted because you are Pakistani Bahu.

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External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj favors seeking “Eid Gift” from ISIS holding Indians as captive. Once a begger always a begger!

. Begging the Muslims and getting nothing but beating is Gandhian style. Study history & u will know.

If sonia is India’s daughter in law then Sania is Pakistan’s daughter in law. Why fight the equation?

Both India & Israel r surrounded by the same enemy – Muslims. It is worse in India’s case becas Muslims threaten us from within 1/2

Yet India vote for Hamas and against Israel. This is a secularist agenda unfortunately followed by Sushma Swaraj. Modi! Kick her out! 2/2

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Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose


1. By 1938 Bose had become a leader of national stature and agreed to accept nomination as Congress President.

2. Subhash Bose stood for unqualified Swaraj (self-governance), including the use of force against the British.

3. Gandhi who was against the use of force against the British opposed Bose’s presidency.

4. Bose appeared at the 1939 Congress meeting on a stretcher. He was elected president again over Gandhi’s preferred candidate Pattabhi Sitaramayya.

5. Muthuramalingam Thevar strongly supported Bose in the intra-Congress dispute & mobilised all south India votes for Bose.

6. Due to Gandhi’s machinations inside the Congress Bose resigned the Presidency.

7. On 22 June 1939 Bose organised the All India Forward Bloc a faction within the Indian National Congress.

8. Forward Block’s main strength was in his home state, Bengal and that of his staunch ally Muthuramalinga Thevar’s Tamilnadu.

9. Thevar organised a very massive rally never seen before anywhere in India as his reception for Subash Chandra Bose at Madurai.

10. Bose advocated a campaign of mass civil disobedience to protest against Viceroy Lord Linlithgow’s decision to declare India at war with axis powers.

11. Gandhi refused Bose’s campaign but Subhash carried in Bengal and was arrested and then put under house arrest.

12. Bose escaped first to Afghanistan and the supporters of the Aga Khan III helped him across the border into Afghanistan.

13. Thereafter Bose went to Moscow from where he travelled on a false passport to Italy and then Germany.

14. There he started the Azad Hind Radio, Free-India Centre & created Indian Legion with 3000 out of 4500 Indian POWs captured by Germany.

15. In 1943 he travelled to Japan from Germany in a U-180 submarine via Cape of Goodhope.

16. In July 1943 Rash Behari Bose handed over charge to Netaji of the Indian Independence League that he had formed among expatriates in Singapore.

17. Netaji reorganized this and created the Indian National Army (INA).

18. INA had a separate women’s unit called Rani of Jhansi Regiment headed by Capt. Lakshmi Swaminathan.

19. At a rally of Indians in Burma on 4 July 1944, Bose’s famously thundered “Give me blood, and I shall give you freedom!”

20. The troops of the INA were under the aegis of a provisional government, the Azad Hind Government.

21. Azad Hind Govt came to produce its own currency, postage stamps, court and civil code, and was recognised by nine Axis states.

22. Researches have shown that the USSR too had diplomatic contact with the “Provisional Government of Free India”.

23. INA’s spl forces, the Bahadur Group, were involved in operations behind enemy lines as the Japanese thrust towards Imphal and Kohima.

24. Japanese also took possession of Andaman and Nicobar Islands in 1942 and a year later.

25. the Provisional Govt and the INA were established in those Islands with Lt Col. A.D. Loganathan appointed its Governor General.

26. The islands were renamed Shaheed (Martyr) and Swaraj (Independence). (Modi Govt should revert to these names in honor
of Netaji.)

27. On the Indian mainland, an Indian Tricolour was raised for the first time in the town in Moirang, in Manipur, in north-eastern India.

28. It was here the Indians were fighting Indians one as the paid slaves of British and another as the Liberation Army.

29. The British spent enormous resources and men to tire out the Liberation Army & it retreated into Burma.

30. Netaji’s slogans were “Dhilli Chalo”, “JaiHind” and Glory to India. And in Urdu “Ittefaq, Etemad, Qurbani” (“Unity, Agreement, Sacrifice”).

31. The 2nd World War ended on the 14 August 1945.

32. On the 18th August 1945, it is claimed by the Nehruvian traitors that Netaji died. He was only 48 years then.

33. Dr.Swamy says that the truth is otherwise and we hope it would come out during Modi’s rule.

34. After the 2nd WW, 3 officers of the Indian National Army (INA), were put on trial at the Red Fort in Delhi for waging war against the King.

35. The 3 brave officers were General Shah Nawaz Khan, Colonel Prem Sahgal and Colonel Gurbaksh Singh Dhillon.

36. The trials inspired protests & discontent among the Indians who considered them as revolutionaries who had fought for their country.

37. In January 1946 British airmen stationed in India took part in the RAF Revolt of 1946 over the slow speed of their demobilisation.

38. The RIAF & RIN mutinies broke out. The revolt was initiated by the ratings of the Royal Indian Navy on 18 February 1946.

39. The INA trials, the stories of Subhash Bose, of INA’s fight in the Siege of Imphal & Burma were seeping into the glaring public-eye.

40. These, received through the wireless sets and the media, fed discontent and ultimately inspired the sailors to strike.

41. In Karachi, revolt broke out on board the Royal Indian Navy ship, HMIS Hindustan off Manora Island.

42. The ship, as well as shore establishments were taken over by mutineers. Later, it spread to the HMIS Bahadur.

43. A naval central strike committee was formed on 19 February 1946, led by M. S. Khan and Madan Singh.

44. On 20 Feb 1946 ratings from Castle and Fort Barracks in Bombay, joined in the revolt when news spread that HMIS Talwar’s ratings had been fired upon.

45. Ratings left their posts and went around Bombay in lorries, holding aloft flags containing the picture of Subhash Chandra Bose.

46. Several Indian naval officers who opposed the strike and sided with the British were thrown off the ship by ratings.

47. Soon, the mutineers were joined by thousands of angry ratings from Bombay, Karachi, Cochin and Vizag.

48. Communication between the various mutinies was maintained through the wireless communication sets available in HMIS Talwar.

49. Thus, the entire revolt was coordinated. This coordinated strike by the Naval ratings soon took serious proportions.

50. Hundreds of strikers from the sloops, minesweepers and shore establishments in Bombay demonstrated.

51. The British of the Defence forces were singled out for attacks by the strikers who were armed with hammers, crowbars & hockey sticks.

52. British men and women going in cars and victorias were made to get down and shout “Jai Hind”.

53. Guns were trained on the Taj Mahal Hotel, the Yacht Club and other buildings from morning till evening.

54. 1000 RIAF men from the Marine Drive and Andheri Camps also joined in sympathy.

55. By the end of the day Gurkhas in Karachi had refused to fire on striking sailors.

56. The strike soon spread to other parts of India. The ratings in Calcutta, Madras, Karachi and Vizag also went on strike.

57. Slogans of “JaiHind” and “Release 11000 INA POWs” rented the sky.

58. On 19 February, the Tricolour was hoisted by the ratings on most of the ships and establishments.

59. By 20 February, the third day, armed British destroyers had positioned themselves off the Gateway of India.

60. The RIN Revolt had become a serious crisis for the British government.

61. An alarmed Clement Attlee, the British Prime Minister, ordered the Royal Navy to put down the revolt.

62. Admiral J.H. Godfrey, the Flag Officer commanding the RIN, went on air with his order to “Submit or perish”.

63. The movement had, by this time, inspired by the patriotic fervour sweeping the country, started taking a political turn.

64. The situation was changing fast and rumours spread that Australian and Canadian armed battalions had been stationed outside the Lion gate.

65. The idea was to encircle the dockyard where most ships were berthed.

66. The clerks, cleaners, cooks & wireless operators armed themselves with whatever weapon was available to resist theBritish.

67. The 3rd day dawned charged with fresh emotions. The Royal Air Force flew a squadron of bombers low over Bombay harbour in a show of force.

68. Admiral Arthur Rullion Rattray issued an ultimatum asking the ratings to raise black flags and surrender unconditionally.

69. In Karachi, realising that little hope or trust could be put on the Indian troops, the 2nd Battalion of the Black
Watch was called out.

70. Their first priority was to deal with the revolt on Manora Island.

71. Ratings holding the Hindustan opened fire when attempts were made to board the ship.

72. At midnight, the 2nd Battalion was ordered to proceed to Manora.

73. By the morning, the British soldiers had secured the island.

74. During the morning three guns of unknown caliber from the Royal Artillery ‘C’ Troop arrived on the island.

75. The Royal Artillery positioned the battery within point blank range of the Hindustan on the dockside.

76. An ultimatum was delivered but it was ignored.

77. Orders were given to open fire at 10:33. The gunners’ first round was on target.

78. On board the Hindustan the Indian naval ratings began to return gunfire and several shells whistled over the Royal
Artillery guns.

79. However, the mutineers could not hold on. At 10:51 the white flag was raised.

80. British naval personnel boarded the ship and killed almost all Indian soldiers.

81. HMIS Bahadur was still under the control of mutineers.

82. Several Indian naval officers who had attempted or argued in favour of putting down the revolt were thrown off the
ship by ratings.

83. The British ordered the 2nd Battalionto storm the Bahadur and it was done. The revolt in Karachi had been put down.

84. In Bombay, the guncrew of a 25-pounder gun fitted in an old ship had by the end of the day fired salvos towards the
Castle barracks.

85. Patel had been negotiating fervently, and his assurances did improve matters considerably.

86. However, it was clear that the revolt was fast developing into a spontaneous movement with its own momentum.

87. By this time the British destroyers from Trincomalee had positioned themselves off the Gateway of India.

88. The negotiations moved fast conceding every demand of economic nature.

89. The mutineers in the armed forces got no support from the national leaders and was largely leaderless.

90. “Mahatma” Gandhi, in fact, condemned the riots and the ratings’ revolt.

91. Gandhi in his statement on 3 March 1946 mercilessly criticised in unpattriotic terms the revolt of the strikers.

92. If anyone calls this bastard traitor a ‘Mahatma” or a father of the nation I will slap on his face.



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1. Mountbatten arrived in Bharat on 22nd March 1947

2. Gandhi in his first interview to Mountbatten opposed partition.

3.Did Gandi threaten Mountbatten that if country is partitioned “all whitemen will be killed & some of u wud be lucky to escape to Britain?”

4.Instead Gandhi gave an offer to Mountbatten to disband cabinet and invite Jinnah to form his own cabinet which can be completely Muslim!

5.Gandhi thenwrote to the Viceroy “since my plan is not finding any acceptance, I am handing over the charge of all negotiation to CWC.”

6. Patel accepted to have a clean separation. Nehru and Rajendra Prasad also accepted partition.

7. But Maulana opposed saying that Gandhi’s proposal had the best interest of Muslims in mind.

8. Syama Prasad roused the Hindus to insist to retain East Bengal and West Punjab.

9. Rajendra Prasad reminded Jinnah that this was in line with League’s own Lahore resolution.

10. By the same time, Jinnah came up with a new demand – 800 mile corridor connecting West and East Pakistan.

11. V.P.Menon came forward with a draft plan for partition.

12. Gandhi a few days earlier had told Mountbatten that the Congress may not be with me but India is with me.

13. A few days later in a public program Gandhi made a volte-face on the question of partition by accepting it.

14. He declared that the Viceroy is opposed to partition but since Hindus & Muslims are unable to live together, he is accepting it.

15. When somebody reminded him of his words, “Vivisect me b4 the country” he replied “when the public opinion is against me, am I to coerce it?”

16. The president of Congress, Maulana Azad passed the resolution for partition hoping that the partition would be a shortlived one.

17. Only Purushottam Das Tandon opposed it till the end.

18. Tandon was saying “Let us suffer the British rule a little longer than sacrifice our cherished goal of united India.”

19.”Let us gird up our loins to fight, if need be both the British and the League and safeguard the integrity of the country.” said Tandon

20. There was a loud applause for his words. But Gandhi came down in favour of the acceptance. The issue was clinched.

21. At the close of his speech, Gandhi said, “ Wouldn’t I oppose it, if only I had the time?

22. But I cannot challenge the present congress leadership and demolish people’s faith in it.

23. I am not in a position to tell them “ Here is an alternate leadership”. (He coolly forgot Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose!)

24. I have not the strength today Or else, I would have declared rebellion single handed.

25.But Nehru told Mosley that if Gandhi had told us, we would have gone on fighting and waiting. So how they 2 played a trick on the Hindus.

26. Let’s talk about the motive Behind urgency and the fear of resitance

27.Mountbatten advanced the date of partition from June 1948 to August 1947 by ten months.Almost all Indian officers were opposed to partition.

28. Added to this the general atmosphere was charged in the wake of INA trials and naval revolt.

29. Mosley writes, partition of India was announced in May 1947 with no plans of division of army till June.

30. Commission to decide on boundaries of 2 states not yet formed until end of june.

31. People deliberately kept in ignorance as to which side they would be on until 2 days after Independence.

32. Radcliff boundary commission award postponed till 17th August complicated the matter.

33. Cyril Radcliff was chairman of both Punjab and Bengal boundary commission.

34. The congress erred in accepting a one man commission instead of a 3 man commission and that too for both the boundaries.

35. Even the members of the commissions were kept in the dark.. Muslims started to show inflated numbers to influence the decision.

36. M.C.Mahajan and Tej Singh two members of the Punjab commission were so convinced about Lahore remaining as part of Bharat.

37. Muslims were only 25% of Lahore. So they did not even begin arrangements to move the people until the day of division.

38. Most of the great canal systems, the rich wheat lands, the sikh shrines & Lahore were gifted to Pakistan.

39. It was only on the pretext that “ How can two big cities Lahore and Calcutta be given to India” ?

40. Over 40% of them became homeless. The loss to Hindus was over 4000 crores, the loss for muslims was a fraction of that.

41. The same story was repeated in the Chittagong Hill tracts. Overwhelmingly Hindu, it was acceded to East Pakistan.

42. Pakistan with 19% population got 23% territory.

43. Then the Holocaust began.

44. Mountbatten said “ I give you complete assurance I shall see to it that there is no bloodshed and riot. I am a soldier not a civilian.

45. What followed was a never before seen cataclysm.

46. The transfer of population that the Congress leaders wanted to avoid, took place.

47. They were killed, robbed, looted in transit.

48. As the biggest migration of population in recorded history was in progress, a most dangerous situation arose in the capital.

49. Every 4th person in Delhi was a Hindu or Sikh refugee from Pakistan. They were furious against the Muslims and also against the Congress.

50. In Delhi then most of the police force was Muslim.
51. True Bharat Ratna, Dr.Bhagwandas said, I have been reliably informed of an impending coup on Sept 10, 1947.

52. RSS youths were able to warn Patel and Nehru about a plan to kill all Hindu officials and plant the flag of Pakistan on the Red Fort.

53. Tens of millions of Hindus would have been slaughtered and all the rest converted to Islam.

54. Gandhi undertook a fast to grant 55 crores additionally to Pakistan.

55. A.N.Bali recounts the valour and the service rendered by the RSS swayamsevaks.

56. Bali said, “The refugees from West Pakistan- all of them without exception wherever they are living in India to a man, are grateful to RSS.”

57. “RSS came to their help at a time when they felt deserted by all.”

58. Then the assimilation started. 600 princely states integrated into one union.

59.Maharaja Hari Singh was convinced by Guruji Golwalkar on 17th Oct 1947 to join in Bharat inspite of Mountbatten asking him to join with Pakistan.

60. On 23rd October, Pakistani tribesman led by general Akbar Khan invaded Kashmir.

61. British commanders rebelled against Kashmir King and handed over Gilgit to Pakistan.

62. The RSS swayamsevaks cleared the Srinagar aerodrome of snow just in time for Indian planes to land.

63. On 21st November, Nehru took the Kashmir issue into the UN without consulting the cabinet which is clearly illegal and not binding.

64. In Hyderabad Kasim Rizvi the chief of Razakars carried a virulent campaign against Bharat and Hindus.

65. 2 lakh Razakars with arms and 40,000 regular and irregulars of the State’s force attacked the Hindus.

66. The Razakars had aligned themselves with the communists.

67. Indian forces ordered by Sardar Vallabhai Patel marched into Hyd on Oct 13th 1948. This was operation polo and lasted for just 108 hours.

68. Maharaja of Udaipur shown his valor by joining India and it thwarted Nawab of Bhopal’s attempt to join Pakistan.

69. The dream of Nawab of Bhopal to accede to Pakistan would succeed only if Udaipur which had Jodhpur on West and Indore and Bhopal on East accede to Pak.

70. Was partition unavoidable?

71. There was a very strong pro-nation anti-partition sentiment running in the army.

72. INA Trial, naval rebellion were all causing the Commander-In-Chief of Army, Claude Auchinleck to be in a dilemma.

73. Stafford Cripps said “The alternate to quitting would have entailed considerable reinforcement of British troops and civil personnel.

74. It would be politically impracticable.

75. Mountbatten while narrating how he was persuaded to accept the assignment as Viceroy said

76. Churchill had accepted that their time in India was up and they were reaching a stalemate there.

77. The situation is murky and it is only you who can resolve it.

78.The League itself was weak: The Delhi Muslims used to go to Patel and press him to have no truck with the League and have a firm policy against them.

79. It would sap its power and Muslims would gravitate towards the Congress.

80. Muslim society itself was deeply divided with the leadership invariably from the Ashrafi classes. They considered the local Muslims as low.

81.In 1949 in New york, Nehru declared that if they had known the terrible consequences of partition, they would have resisted the parition. LOL!



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Shyamala Dandakam – a scintillating rendition by Bombay Saradha

Congress leader asks for ouster of Rahul Gandhi’s critics’ from party Rahul’s last act before Tihar!

India to be more supportive of Sri Lanka at UN: Swamy – The Hindu…

‘Jayalalithaa can say whatever she wants’– Dr. Subramanian @Swamy39 – See more…

India will stand by Sri Lanka’s position at the UNHRC – Dr…

Pak should be taught a lesson: Ramdev & Dr @Swamy39says Union Civil Code&abrogate Art 370 on Kashmir at Book Launch:…

Dr Subramanian Swamy & Prof Madhav Nalapat with President of Sri Lanka at Temple Trees, Colombo.
@Swamy39 @MD_Nalapat

Fresh summons issued against MIM MLA Owaisi in 2012 hate speech case

It won’t be business as usual within Congress: Shashi Tharoor

Writ petition against Sharad Pawar for ‘double voting’ remark

ISIS ‘burns down ancient church’ as Christians are told: Convert or die

Stalling the Natwar expose on Iraqi oil for foog-Congi scam. SoniaG and Priyanka Vadra afraid of truth or what?

Thorium reserves and use in India for Atomic Energy — PMO. NaMo, announce thorium-based nuke

Fiction of the honest Manmohan — R

Ved Pratap Vaidik is paid journalist — Subramanian Swamy

Fixing of Judges. Justice Kannadasan. “Collegium wanted Madras HC judge in SC panel despite adverse IB report”

Madras HC is a Christian infested, LTTE infiltrated den. President! Disband this farce of judiciary!

The entire judiciary in India is corrupt. All the judges are stinking corrupt. What do we do now?

@jagdishshetty @SouleFacts This stupid vote @ UN really dont matter to Israel. They will bomb Hamas & Arabs to hell if they want. @nviswam


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